Even if autumn is perceived as a pessimistic season, it is possible to have a pleasant season with various activities. Here are the adventure activities for the fall ...

Kitesurf and Windsurf

Alaçatı is known as one of the world's best locations when it comes to surfing. If you think that the number of windy days is 330 days per year, as in all seasons, Alaçatı is one of the best options in the fall. If you think that the crowd on the Alaçatı streets is slowly returning to the city, it is possible to do both Windsurf or Kitesurf, as well as a quiet Aegean holiday. There are suitable weather conditions for surfing in Alacati until mid-November. But you can experience the pleasure of surfing in the winter months when you are wearing an adventure enthusiastic "Wetsuit" that can not stop me.

Balloon Tour

Witnessing the colors of autumn is one of the most beautiful options to turn an experience of the season. When called Balloon Tour, not only in Turkey but also in the world has managed to become a brand in Cappadocia in the fall, you can explore with your loved ones. You can witness the explosion of Cappadocia Fairy Chimneys by participating in the sunrise tour. We can bet you can not forget this experience for a long time.


The traditional International Fethiye Oludeniz Air Games Festival held every year in Fethiye Ölüdeniz will be held on the 2nd week of October this year. It is possible to participate in the Tandem Paragliding activity in Fethiye, where paragliding acrobatics, Batman, Skydiving, Paramotor, Basejump and Model Aircraft are shown during the festival. You can plan a final vacation just before entering winter and enjoy the sky. Autumn will be laid beneath your feet with all its beauty.

ATV and Jeep Safari

If you do not see Saklıkent and Cappadocia in the fall, do not miss this experience this season. If you have a recent holiday plan before winter, you can put your ATV or Jeep Safari activity into your plans and witness the magnificent change of nature in the autumn. You can be enchanted by the tranquil and adventurous journey of semi-asphalt semi-earth forest and village roads, with the exquisite view of the Taurus Mountains and the Xanthos Valley. An ATV Safari that will come out of the unique nature of Cappadocia and Fairy Chimneys will suffice to add this autumn to memorable moments. 


One of the most enjoyable activities that can be done in the autumn months is cycling. The ideal season for driving an autumn bike where the sun's scorching effect leaves the place more cool. It is also a very good option to witness the changing colors of nature. As you spend time cycling on mountain roads, it is possible to increase your fitness while you discover new places and enjoy seeing the change of nature.


With the rains slowly starting to show itself in the autumn, there is a visible increase in the rivers. A stream which is ideal paradise in many river rafting to participate in activities in Turkey. The rafting option must be evaluated in order to spend an enjoyable weekend with your loved ones in the colors of the forest that turns from green to red. Storm Stream, Melen Stream, Dalaman Stream and Köprüçay are among the best options for rafting.