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My name is Ngongo from Zulu in Southern Africa.


I grew up in a village where life existed in low profile. We don’t exist in the radar of development, but we the Zulu’s don’t easily give up.

Everyone recognises his role, importance and value in our community.

I couldn’t finish my primary education because of lack of finance. I had to drop and help my parents train the young siblings. My desire has been to bring development to my village. To wipe out poverty, put up light, because we live in darkness. We have not seen light for 30years and it has been a very big challenge to us. No good water, no good life. Nobody from my village has travelled to the city, so we have been in total darkness. I soliloquised saying: someday I will liberate Zulu.


Lack of development and civilisation made us not to recognise the things that made life easier and convenient. We haven’t seen a car, lorry, bus, tractor or any four legged moving machine. We only use our locally made cart to convey both goods and people.

We even made a small wooden cart, it has four small legs; two upfront, two at the back. We the young ones use it to play like race. Sometimes we climb hills and slide with the cart down the rough hills.

One hot afternoon, the whole villagers were in the farm cultivating and harvesting farm produce when we saw a mighty bird fall from the sky. It was so big that all of could be carried and taken to any place in the world.

We all rushed to see the big burning bird. I wondered what kind of bird has fans, three legs and windows.

We heard people screaming for help. Some of the villagers ran away while I stayed behind with the remaining to rescue the wounded.


After we saved 10 children and 50 adults from the Aeroplane as the survivors call it, we accommodated them. Treated them with respect and took them like one of us. One of the kids, Mikey, saw my small cart while we were playing and called it’s real name, I called and spelled it with my little knowledge and tongue SKAT BOD. He laughed at my spelling and corrected me to spell it as SKATE BOARD. He also told me that driving or riding it around is called SKATING or SKATE BOARDING. He told me how he won trophies and challenged me to skate.

I choose the hills for the challenge, I had the advantage. This is my home, my hill and my skate board.

He skied with my board, flipped the board three consecutive times and all the kids including me marvelled. We have never thought of those moves we only knew how to race with it. I gave up when he flipped in the air holding the skate in his hand and landed back on it without falling. He called it the Ollie.

Later that evening, Mikey told me he was going to teach me how to skate. He would also want me to come with him to his country. He said a big competition was coming up and he would like me to be there.

I thought about it, and decided that this was the only opportunity. A time to go out and make good things happen for me and my people. A change for Zulu.


I know you will be wondering with my spelling of UROPE but that’s what Mikey called it. My parents only allowed me to go with Mikey and his parents because I cried my eyes out. My father had said; you can’t just go to where you have never heard of not to travel to it with strangers. I am your father and that won’t happen. My mother also said; you are my first son, you can’t leave me like this, Zulu please. But now am in the big bird going to EUROPE, I had stopped crying few minutes ago because I was afraid of the aeroplane.

It was like a haven, Europe was blessed with beauty, cars, houses, roads, people. A lot of different changes compared to Zulu. I ran out stark naked when I went to the bathroom to bath, only to see water falling from the sky. Mikey laughed till he lost oxygen and fainted. Everyone in the neighbourhood knew I was new because of my weird attitudes towards everything. I would shout when I see the television on, with people inside. I almost broke it someday when I saw some people fighting; I was busy shouting at them to stop fighting. Everyone would come around to watch me. I was like a king but not that kind of king.


Every weekend, mikey and I would go to the skating. We and other kids would practice together. I began to learn faster, because it wasn't new to me any more. I watched so many great skaters on the television and movies. Some on interviews, they would narrate their challenge in their career and how they made it. I learnt some hard unimaginable stunts of skate boarding. When we go to the skating field, I try to practice those skills, some I fail, some I get injured and some I did well. I was trying to learn the last hardest stunt which was 720 Gazelle flip, when I missed a step a broke my knee so I was taken to the hospital. All the patients and the staffs knew I came because I would scream over anything. The injections, the machines, the doctors in white clothes. I was told while growing, that spirits are the only ones that wear white clothes, so how come people work with spirits in this part of the world? I kept wondering.


Alan Gelfand was the man who discovered Ollie with his friend Jeff Duerr, in the 70's.

The competition was kicked off, everyone showed off his skills. Mikey was listed in the runner ups. 10 out of 20 contestants were eliminated. The second round began, we cheered, and chanted mikey. he came out for the finals. This was a great thing to rejoice for. We all went home that day, to return the next day for the finals.


At 10am everyone had arrived, the contestants were practising including me. I just loved to skate. I was rehearsing the Ollie's I had learn. It was time for the final, Mikey went for the Hospital flip, he was losing out to second position. He did it perfectly well on the air but crashed and broke his knee.

The organisers asked if there was a representative for him, but no one came on. His parents looked at me and said; maybe you can do this, maybe its time to try again.

If you want to liberate your people and bring change, this is the call. I was afraid, it was my first time performing in this kind of competition. Mikey had only one round left.

the score was;


Mikey- 188

Isco- 187

No one according to the history of the Alan's show had performed the 720 Gazelle Flip.

That i was afraid of because I have failed many times. It had the highest point of 50.25%.

I prayed in my heart, took my locally made skateboard from zulu and rode off.

I knew what I needed to do with my speed, so I was careful with my time.

This is how i did the 720 Gazelle flip; a 540 flip with a 360 degree rotation in the same direction.

Watch how I did the 720.

The audience was filled with surprises. The judges all stood up and clapped. Mr. Alan came straight to me and said; you made me proud, boy. You are my successor.

I rushed down to mikey and celebrated with him. He was declared the winner, but my name was written in the history book.

Thanks for reading.