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Climbing Destinations in Turkey
Climbing sports, which is the center of an exciting and full-blown adventure, stands out as one of the most extraordinary sports activities today. In our country, we will offer you a brief information about 10 climbing routes which are most preferred by climbing athletes. Antalya - Geyikbayırı Geyikbayırı, which has attracted visitors from different cities as well as people interested in mountaineering sports, has also become a center of attention for foreign tourists. The mountain, which has hundreds of bolt climbing routes, is known for climbing areas that appeal to the education and difficulty levels of people. Nigde - Aladaglar Aladağlar, which is called as Alpine Alps, is located between Adana, Kayseri and Niğde and has unique climbing areas. Great climbing routes, especially on the Cimbar Canyon, are exposed to intense interest of mountaineers. Kaynaklar - Izmir Every year, the activities in the form of climbing festivals take place in Buca, Izmir. Kaynaklar that attract the interest of local and foreign tourists, amateur or professional climbers can use many climbing route. Kaçkarlar - Rize Situated in Rize, which is one of the most popular cities of our Black Sea region, Kaçkarlar are one of the first choices of people who are interested in mountaineering sports with their beautiful green forests, lakes and glaciers as well as great climbing routes. Verçenik is a great climbing area where you can climb the different hills of Kavron and Altıparmak. Ballıkayalar Kanyonu – Kocaeli Ballıkayalar Kanyonu, which is the indispensable climbing area of ​​climbers for almost 60 years, is one of the places with great routes in Gebze, Kocaeli. The area where you can find over a hundred climbing routes is one of the places frequented by mountaineers from the surrounding provinces, especially Istanbul. Cilo - Hakkari Cilo, which we can call climbing paradise for climbers, is located in Hakkari Yüksekova. Cilo, which should be visited by those who want to climb with a unique view, attracts attention with its convenient routes.