10 Most Extreme Sports in the World
1.Elevator Surfing This extreme exercise is done by jumping from the top of the elevator room to the other elevator room when 2 lifts are moving. This sport is classified as illegal and often takes lives. Elevator Surfing is usually carried out in elevators in tall buildings that have many floors such as skyscrapers and campuses. Surfer must come in the morning and open the ceiling of the elevator to ride. When the elevator starts to run up and down, the surfer starts to do the action by jumping between the two lifts. There are no special equipment needed, because this sport only requires physical, regular sports shoes, and recklessness. However, the risk of falling from an elevator or being hit by a moving elevator must be taken into account early before the surfer does the action. 2. Slacklining Slacklining includes sports that are very challenging and require high concentration. In this sport, slackliners are required to walk on a 1-inch nylon webbing rope tied to two piles. Nylon rope webbing is a rope commonly used in rock climbing sports. Slacklining can be done anywhere. Simply tie a rope on two sides of the stake that can be anything around you. For example tree trunks, flagpoles, and others. Furthermore, you also don't need to tie the rope too high. So, adjust the height of the rope and adjust it to your ability. 3. Flying Wings Humans always try to make innovation, including in sports. Humans cannot fly naturally, because they do not have wings like birds. Therefore, wingsuit flying sports were created which made humans able to fly from a height using wingsuit. Wingsuit is an artificial wing made from parachute designed to make humans fly in the air. To be able to enjoy wingsuit flying, the pilots must be at a certain height, to then throw themselves and float in the air while unfolding their wings like birds. Because it is classified as extreme sports, wingsuit flying can only be done for skydiver who have made a jump from the air at least 200 times. To be able to land safely, the parachutist has been equipped with a parachute that must be opened on time and must open perfectly. 4.Parkour Parkour is a sport that aims to move from one place to another efficiently and quickly by using the principle of the ability of the human body. Parkour athletes must run, jump, do salts, and roll perfectly to do parkour safely. Injuries that can occur due to this sport can vary, ranging from ordinary injuries, fractures, concussions, even death. 5.Base Jumping The highest ranking for the most dangerous sports in the world is occupied by base jumping. Basically, this sport is almost the same as skydiving. However, the time of landing that is owned by the base jumping athlete is shorter, so the risk of failure becomes much greater. In this sport, athletes called jumpers drop from one of the BASE structures. The word BASE can be interpreted as a Building, Antenna (antenna), Span (bridge), and Earth (earth) which refers to high cliffs. Jumpers who have been provided with a parachute must spread their parachutes perfectly before landing so that the landings can occur safely. If the parachute fails to open completely, then death is the risk. Base jumping is declared an illegal sport to be carried out in several countries, including in the United States, except for events like West Virginia Bridge Day. The highest base jump in the world ever so far was recorded as coming from the Petronas twin towers (1,381 meters) located in Malaysia. 6. Bull Riding (Rodeo) In this sport, riders are required to survive on the back of a bull that is raging for as long as possible. The bull will continue to try to throw the rider from his back, while the rider must hold on to the control rope with only one hand. Riders will get their own pride if they can last a long time on a bull's back. For that, they are willing to crash all the risks that might occur. Not infrequently, disadvantaged riders will fall and be trampled by a bull that can weigh up to 1,800 pounds. For those of you who are interested, there is a training school on bull riding to boot camps that is ready to educate you to become a world-class bull rider. 7.Surfing Surfing is one of the other extreme sports that has many enthusiasts. There are already many names of world-famous surf athletes because of their expertise in "riding" water with a board. Call it Malia Jones from the United States, Laura Enever from Australia, and Gemala Hanafiah from Indonesia. Surfing is basically pedaling into big waves with a minimum height of 20 meters. The most sought-after waves are waves with a height of close to 100 meters. In various competitions, the prizes given are quite large. The famous Quiksilver brand at the Waimea Bay Contest offered a top prize of US $ 65,000, while the Tow-In World Cup on Maui awarded US $ 70,000, and Billabong Odyssey dared to give a prize of US $ 100,000. Of course, prizes as big as that also invite quite dangerous risks. Starting from crashing on the surfboard, sinking in the sea, to the head that hit the rock on the seabed. Therefore, this sport must be carried out with caution and armed with no small amount of experience. 8.BMX Bicycle motocross, or better known as BMX, is a sport that is challenging enough for guts and requires special techniques. To do this sport, one must have a special bicycle known as BMX bike. There are so many variations on the shape and price of BMX bikes, adjusting the level of ability of BMX cyclists. In BMX, biker must do a combination of acrobatics with his bicycle. Not only do the tricks already exist, the biker is also required to create new tricks. In addition to attracting audience interest, new tricks will also enrich various tricks and encourage other bikers to try. Well, for the risks that might be faced, falling from a bicycle is a mandatory law when a biker tries a new trick to do. Other injuries such as broken bones, dislocations, and bruises can also occur if the biker is not careful in doing tricks and does not wear safety equipment. For this reason, shoes, safety helmets, and elbow and knee protectors must be worn to reduce the risk of injury. 9.Street Luging This sport involves free launching techniques from the street luge board. The board used has a shape similar to the board for longboard sports. Street luging is done on a flat, downhill road. The launcher will glide at 70 miles per hour, equivalent to 115 km / h. In addition to boards made of iron, wood, aluminum, or carbon fiber, lugers also need racing suits and leather gloves. Risks that may be faced by lugers can vary. Ranging from scratches to broken bones when crashed on the road with a speed of 115 km / hour. 10. Rock Climbing Rock climbing belongs to the extreme sports group because it demands high physical, mental, and concentration strength. The strength of the hands and feet, endurance, agility, balance, and calculation of the climber were really tested in this sport. A climber must equip himself with excellent physique and qualified knowledge of appropriate climbing techniques and appropriate use of equipment. There are so many rock climbing routes that can be selected and climbed around the world, and each route has its own level of difficulty. Because there are so many types and rock formations around the world, rock climbing has been separated into various styles according to the interest of climbers and rock formations. Risks faced if climbers are less careful can vary. Scratches due to rubbing against a stone can be the mildest injury. Death can also be a threat if the climber's hands and feet are not strong enough to hold the body's weight so that it falls to the bottom.

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