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Freaky Friday-I Witnessed Bob Bullied By Bull In La Festiva
Having been in and out of scorum recently due to my exams, getting to discover that nobody tried entering a contest last week prompted me to put up this post. I must commend @pete for keeping the oldest scorum contest balling as long as I can remember and old and newbie’s are encouraged to enter via the link below https://scorum.com/en-us/extremesports/@pete/it-s-freaky-friday-march-22-2019 image Background This week freaky Friday reminds me of one of my freaky Friday post on bullfighting, the gimmicks, politics and activism for and against the old culture of using animals for recreation. The supporters of the sports says is a fine art but the critic said it’s against animal’s right. However, bullfighting is not such a popular sport per say but a form of recreation with a stem origin form people’s culture. Call it corrida de toros or la fiesta; hope you are not confuse by those Spanish words for bullfighting which means ‘’running bulls and ‘’ la festiva’’ is a very popular sport in Spanish culture with many significance attached to it by the locals. Portugal and some Latin America countries do observed the tradition too which has been in existence for over 400 years now. So, let’s get down to freaky Friday and have some fun, are you ready? Well, say you don’t like the sport for reasons so obvious to you. One fact remains that someone somewhere cherishes the sport so that he comes down from the states every summer to witness the ports. It reminds him of many thing especially the ground that made and mare him. Such was the story of Jessy who came this summer to support his own time friend Bob whom he learnt was competing for the tournament which was making waves.Bob was born in a remote farm settle in Levante, Spain where his father own herds of bull. Bob became so much acquainted with bull handling that Picadors: bull fighters normally bring their bull for him to cater for them especially Jessy. It was an understatement to say ''Bob was bull and bull was Bob''. Any Bull he touches succumbed to his bidding but one fateful day, an aggressive hungry bull he was taking care of had use it’s horn to attack him but mistakenly hit Bobs thigh which affected his waist bones. He was rushed to the hospital in the city for medical attention where he met Miriam who showed his so much care. Marian was a new nurse in Saint Peter's Hospital and dedicated to her duties with all sense of fulfillment. When it was due for Bob to be discharged from the hospital, with such love, care and attention received, he feel in love with Miriam and vow not to let her go. It was a feeling he once never experienced in his life. He knew about love when he admired his bulls but never felt such in return but the problem was that Miriam not eager to forgo her new found job and her city to where else. So, Bob was the one who shifted grounds, to let go of his lovely bulls and decided to be a city man. He has been advised by the doctor not to engage in masculine works, with the assistance of his father was able to find and apartment in Levante. Within 4 months, him and Miriam became a couple. How time flies and things started going south for him, he could not meet up his responsibility from his restaurant and Miriam was the angel Bob never prayed to have as wife when the true colour of the woman he was took as his queen began to manifest. Miriam was a nymphomania which was a very big concern to Bob. The demand to meet up with his duty was affecting his health already. Few months to their third wedding anniversary, his wife walked away with their only son Nathan. Even though he had tried his hands in many things to no avail to live up to his reputation but life became unfair to him. One day Bob came back from his usual daily part time work that afternoon to discover his wife was with another man. When he confronted her, she never felt remorse but was very arrogant and spilled the most fearful word Bobs had been avoiding over their three years marriage. “Bob, you know nothing and you not a man enough’’. Those words truck him to the marrow, physiologically paralyzed, dumbfounded and unable to maintain his posture. He staggered trying to find the closest object to support himself however fell into the nearby surfer absolutely weaken and beaten. On getting himself some 5 hours later, he discovered that Miriam has disappeared with Nathan. Life became his worst night mare. Yes, he had a sexual malfunction but thought he had found a friend who loves him for who he is but the love has worn an eye glass to say things the way they are. Haven seen his world collapsed around him and the news of his marriage was on every lips in the town. As popular as his restaurant was, he couldn’t imagining standing the people as it became more and more simpler to hear the rumor in a whisper. He decided to close the restaurant and wanted to relocate to Spain but what was he going to do there? He thought otherwise. ‘’Open another restaurant and so what’’. Then, he realized his childhood dream that love robbed him of. image Bob had wanted to be a big hero as he was an admirer of the picador. Not only were they popular and loved by many, they were also quite comfortable. Bob new quite well that his father was poor and wanted to change that narrative. His father could see that in his eyes that he wasn’t contented with their financial status as he grew up. He had watched his father work hard all day to put food on their table having lost his wife to cancer, decided never to marry another wife. It was him and Bob all through in the past 19 years when his son had that accident that separated them while on treatment. Bob having thought about the whole scenario took the biggest step of his life return to his root and dreams. Even though he needed to learn some other things about being a picador wasn’t patience enough but rather visited an old picador admired about 25 miles away to inquire all it takes to picador. The al festival was just some few 14 days ahead; he entered the competition with no iota of experience being driven by his quest to fulfill his purpose than wait some little longer. The night to the event, his father sat him down and narrated his stories. “ l was a young man like you driven by the desire to achieve something big l couldn’t decipher but l ended up ruining everything the day l step out of my father house to look for it. My dad wanted to detect my life and make me what he wanted to see. I wasn’t comfortable with such idea but decided to leave home along side my mum. I sojourned North, South, East and West but found nothing but love at the end. That love has kept me till now but l wouldn’t want you to following this part. It’s such a cold lonely part. I know you destiny lies in that arena but never wanted to interfere with what you want in life. Now you have realized yourself, it’s time to look the world in the eyes and take what belongs to you. It’s a war between you and yourself as well as the world. You know am old and can’t make it to watch you become the man of your dreams. imageI love la festiva but it left me with still amused till today. I love it so much. My dad has taken us for holiday to observed the festival those years. But a made jumped into the arena for reason best know to him but was throw out of the arena by the bull with its horn. Everybody laughed and when I remember that young man, I still laugh my lungs out. well, I wish you all the best my son'' The two laughed out loud, hugged each other and Bob left for Rondo, Malaga where the event will happen. Ronda was the oldest arena for bullfighting in Spain and as such was a respected place where picador are made and mare. The festival started pretty well with Bob adore in picador wears: one the best colour you can find. when he was introduced, the crowed cheered him as he walked into the arena on his horse with his lances. The game was not what he expected as he pieced the bull with his lace successively. The bull was starting to feel irritated by the constant jacking by Bob, how the bull made fast U-turn to the amazement of the spectators. The trainer was seen telling a neighbor of the strange observation. Bob was still on his horse which has felt threaten from the bull aggression was very quick in manoeuvring the horns the bull threw at it. Tactical enough to keep himself on the back of the horse all this while was Bob greatest adventure. The organizers have observed that things will get out of hand if the Bull is not stopped but the cheering from the crown seems to confuse them. The fans were loving it, the bull was now entertaining them. imageThe first person who entered the arena was a puppy short man who can barely carry himself on his feet but to the cheering of the spectators was faster that Usain Bolt when the bull charged towards him. Not knowing which direction to follow, out of fear saved his life a second after scaring the arena demarcation when the Bull arrived. He landed on the other side on his stomach and immediately his shirt was soaked in sweat having experience his night mare in a hard way. As funny as it was to the fans, he just escaped death. imageThe bull turned to meet picador following it, confused by which direction to flee, the bull fling the horn at him, this lifted him from under his tight both with the red cloth the bull hate to see, throw him some distance away. Wow, the crown began to stand and praising at the amusement. By this time, Bob has come down of the horse to walk away from the fight to avoid disaster but was faced with another huddle to cross. If he decides to run, the bull will catch up with him.He faced the bull with the intention to use short runs to beat the surging bull but was caught in the middle of a big fight when the bull bullied him to the ground. Bob struggled on the floor to avoid the bull getting him on his head. imageimmediately two other picador rushed to the scene to save him. Jessy was somewhere dying of laughter though it wasn't funny anyways. His friend is being disgraced by an animal in a very funny way. The bull was lured out by one of the picador with the clothing while the other help Bob to stand on his feet. funny enough due to the rumpling with the bull, his wear was torn. On looking down to check it was his penis dangling in public glare. This must be his worst night mare ever as the other picador ran towards him to cover him up.I have heard about the sport and was sent to cover the sport by organisation for use as evidence in their our quest to stop animal abuse but my pen and paper got missing from my hands as l fell off my seat in laughter. I wasn't the type that could hold back a smile though more of a laughter. So, I decided to publish this story on a Friday being the Friday Mr Bob was freaked out in a bullfight.Instead of the picadors that amusing Friday afternoon to crown heroes, it was the bull that all the spectators stood up for, for making their day worth while.The Bull was the champion of la festiva imageI believe you enjoyed the story, feel free to leave a comment below.Thanks