Extreme Sports / extremefighting

The extreme sports Horrified and Spectacular
The extreme sports spooky and spectacular - for a number of extreme sports athletes, the goal is not only to win medals, but especially to look for nerve challenges. Dive Apnoe The extreme diver "apnoe" diving only relies on the resilience of the lungs without using an oxygen tank to the depths of the sea. The current world record, diving to a depth of 214 meters. Fatal risk always lurks. Freeride Skiing For the extreme ski athlete Nicolas Salencon from Argentina, the snow slide or lawine is a risk faced on every track. In the Xtreme Freeride World Tour race in Verbier Switzerland, these athletes competed with the avalanche. Walk on the rope Acrobatic athletes walking on ropes Adili Wuxor of Chinese Uigurites, walked 1.35 km across a steel rope stretched through the Dahang valley in Hunan Province 350 meters deep. He did carry a balance pole but without a safety net underneath. Climb the Roof of the World Many have ambitions to conquer the highest mountain in the world Mount Everest as high as 8848 meters. One of them is 71-year-old Japanese climber Katsusuke Yanagisawa. Expeditions to the roof of the world are often overshadowed by death, in 2012 only 10 Everset climbers were killed. Exceeds Sound Speed Extreme skydiving athlete Felix Baumgartner from Austria broke a world record that has lasted for five decades, jumping from a height of 39 km. He was the first human to be able to reach a falling speed of 1342.87 km / h and penetrate the speed of sound. Marathon Desert "Marathon des Sables" participants had to run across the Sahara desert in the Moroccan region at a temperature of more than 40 degrees Celsius. Drinks must also be taken alone. Freefall Free-fall athlete Jeb Corliss from America has jumped from the Eifel tower in Paris, the Petronas twin towers in Kuala Lumpur and the Christ statue in Rio de Janeiro. During a leap from Table Mountain in South Africa he crashed into a cliff, but survived despite a severe injury, namely a broken leg. Freeride Bike The freeride athlete with BMX bicycle Sam Pilgrim from England is famous through the style of "Superman flying flips". The price he has to pay for this fame, the date of the front teeth due to a fall while acting like a stunt man. Cliffdiving The cliffdiving Orlando Duque athlete only has three seconds to do salto in the air, before this leap from a cliff in Croatia reaches the surface of the water. "But it feels slower time," said the extreme sports athlete. Ski Jump Ski jump athletes are like flying like birds. World record holder, Johan Remen Evensen of Norway reached a 246.5 meter jump distance. Just a small breeze can be fatal when jumping. Freeclimbing Extreme rock climbers are only allowed to use their legs and arms to conquer the challenge. Ropes and karabiners are just safety devices. Even in the "freelancing solo" branch there are no safeguards. Every mistake affects death.

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