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On Freaky Friday, I Saw Francis Do The Unexpected.
source This is a contest organised by Pete. Hit the Link for your participation. This is a contest not to miss as it brings unending fun and realistic happiness. It was a sultry afternoon when a truck with the picture of a bull and the inscription Alianz Butcher house rode into the field. We knew a bull has gone down again in the farm. Our eyes wept when we saw Francis coerced into the truck. Oh!!! what's happening? We all asked. Who's Francis actually? He his a bull that stays at Frenchos farm. He looks young, furious, marvellously horned, impressively potent and dangerous. He muscular structure and strength surpasses that of every other bull within the region. Every matador has always dreamt of bull fighting with Francis. However, he never fights. He'll rather walk round the field smelling flowers from time to time, corners to corners and types to types. He's truly an Anthophile. We had to name him Flowerfranc. Admiration for the little lad grew when he knocked down on older competitor during a struggle. All eyes on him to get older and be in his prime. Francis kept his shape and strength while he gets older yet the awkward behaviour of smelling flowers never left him. For this reason, he was taken to another bull farm where he'd hardly find a flower. Source Days passed. Dawn turned dusk and dust back to dawn. Winter and summer had their turn yet there's no sign of Francis returning. Rumour then went round about his return in a fortnight. We got prepared to see how far he would have changed. The sun is already setting and there was no Francis. Just the, an image appeared running towards the farm. We were all excited knowing it'll be him. As the figure grew closer, we realised it wasn't him but this creature kept running very fast as it could towards the farm shouting for help. We could hear him scream "Francis is in trouble. He is been bullied by some notorious bulls". Without haste, we set out to go help. Arriving the scene, we saw our anthophilia standing firm on his feet with the three so called bullies on the floor. Woah!!!! How could he have? we muttered. However, we went back to the farm while our returned buddy narrated his story at the other side of the world. Over there, they'll always bring us out every morning to fight, Francis narrated. I'll refuse but they'll essentially harass me. I stood my ground until today which i was supposed to return, unfortunately they refused to let me go. I had to find an escape route out of there when i realised the matador had the intentions of plunging his sword straight to my heart. I took off as fast as i can with those three bullies after me. Source Moreover, the owner of Frenchos farm and the entire house were disappointed to see Francis still the old same flower freak. The day for reckoning has dawned and its time to pick a bull for the West Marridor bull fight. Francis was chosen to represent his farm against other bulls. As the case may be, he was matched up against one of those rival bulls that raced after him during his escape. This rival bull's horn is already broken from his earlier encounter with Francis, yet he's up for another fight. He looks weak and bitter. The facial expression could tell how sad the bull was. Francis noticed this and decided to leave the poor bull alone but the shouts and chants from the audience was disturbing. Kabooommmmmm!!!! Dusts arose as both heads came together. On just one stroke, the rival bull was already bleeding. Kaboooommmmmm!!!! went another bang. This tome around, there was staggering and a weak fall. Francis knew if he doesn't stop, he would kill his opponent. He wanted to leave the arena when the guards rode in on their horses and spear trying to keep him back. The chants from the crowd increased and at the same point, the matador lifted his sword to eliminate he weaker bull. Just then, Francis had to do something to save both his life and the rival's too. source With his last breath, he chased after Francis for another hit. We all knew this would be his last if there should be a contact. While he came close, there came the contact. This time around it was Francis on the floor. There was shock all over the arena. The other bull was taken to closure while the matador came down to finish up the work. Standing tall and firm is the matador with his sword pouting towards Francis who sprang up from the ground. The way he hastened up showed that he could have fallen down intentionally after the contact just to save his rival from the harsh death. Still the matador was bent on killing Francis. As he almost strikes came a voice from the stand, "leave him alone". From just one voice came two, three, four and the entire audience chanting leave him alone. Flowers came rushing down from the audience. There was a loud applaud for our Anthophile king. It was a day to remember for Frenchos farm and the entire city. Thanks For Reading...