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64 year old skateboarder – Age is just a number
This guy is seriously cool. Neal Unger is a 64-year-old skateboarder who only recently took up the sport and is enjoying life shredding his local park. The below mini-documentary was filmed four years ago when Neal was 60 years old and gives a glimpse at a day with Neal at the skate park. There's a whole bunch of inspirational quotes I could have pulled from the video but I think this one sums up Neal’s attitude perfectly: “How old can I get and still act young?” Not only does Neal prove that you are never too old to start skateboarding, or any other sport, but he also shows that so much more can be gained from the sport than the “non-skateboarder“ might think. Neal says that skateboarding is a platform where he can experience the most interesting parts of his mind. It’s an activity where the “noisy” part of his mind switches off, to some extent. He also mentions that what he learns from skateboarding and this feeling of quietness can be applied to other parts of his life; his friends, family and even as a tool to break bad habits.More recently, Neal appeared in the music video for The Moth & The Flame’s (TMTF) “Young & Unafraid”. Aside from being a brilliant track in its self, Neal's signature boneless tricks and slides provide the perfect accompaniment and help resonate the message behind the song. His main goal is to continue to be able to skateboard on a daily basis. So keep shredding Neal!You can also find this post on my website at: adaptnetwork.com/60-year-old-skateboarder