MXoN - Dirt Shark & Monster Energy Cup 2018 - Highlights
After the excitement of the Monster Energy Cup and all the Supercross action that comes with it you almost forget that the MXoN was only a few weeks ago... After months of hype and build up it's kinda amazing that we forget all the action so fast. I think this could be partly due to egg on the Americans faces after all it was a very strong team riding on home soil. Nobody expected a crumbling of that caliber and certainly not from Tomac who looked to be a shadow of himself. That being said it was not all about the crumble in Team USA, far from it. In fact it was more about how strong the Europeans were, i personally think it's one of the biggest injustices in the modern era that Holland are not champions. I mean they won it all, every single race, then to back that up they also came in second! If i was not for Vlaanderen taking a rock in the eye and not being able to complete the race then they would be so far in front of everyone it's crazy. Those are the rules though and every team has the same ones so they will have to take it on the chin and i am sure they are looking forward to next years MXoN which is at Assen on home soil! So guys, i give you a nice little trip back down memory lane to check out the craziness that is a Motocross of nations event :) Enjoy 2018 Motocross of Nations - Dirt Shark Monster Energy Cup 2018 - Highlights - Full Video HD How i love and hate the Monster Cup! It does this to me each and every year haha, it comes around and gets you pumped up and then drops some of the most intense Supercross action on you... Then leaves you alone and hungry for more... Nothing, all gone... haha So it's not quite that bad i guess as we have the AUS-X coming up which is going to be a pretty big deal this year with Chad Reed making the trip home and this time on a full Factory JGR Suzuki! Nobody is fully sure if he will be riding for the team in the upcoming AMA Monster Energy Supercross season next year but after his epic performance at the Monster Cup i would not be surprised one bit if he stays. Ryan Villopoto will also be making the trip over the pond down under and i expect to see him thrive a bit more on the tighter more technical AUS-X layout. He did very well at the Monster Cup but with a few years out from racing and on a non factory bike the odds were always against him breaking into the top five. That being said he still looked very sharp and i think it would not take much for him to get back to where he was... I don't see that coming though, he is in a good place right now and riding for fun. After so many years at the very top and sacrificing everything to get there i think he has more than earned this. So less chatter from me and more videos! Haha, let's recap and enjoy the highlights from one of the most intense Monster Cups to date! Monster Energy Cup 2018 - Highlights