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We are never mistaken if we take the nature as an example.
To survive in nature ... I wanted to write this article for the programs I watched on documentary channels such as Discovery Channel and National Geographic. In short, I can specify; To stay calm, to analyze the events quickly and cool bloody, to have life and morale, knowledge and skills are indispensable for nature. The nature, the beauty and the mystery of the nature if you do not live in the nested difficult conditions can pass. If you do not want to go through such difficult conditions, you should be respectful of nature. If you are interested in activities such as mountaineering, hunting and camping, you should have the knowledge to overcome any difficulties that nature will offer you. Do what you plan to do, find a place to shelter or do, close to the fire, meet your dietary needs ... This way you can spend the night. Then, in the morning, try to find a smoke, sea, stream, path, pathway-like markings to a high place. Your emergency bag should be light and maximally useful. Our most vital need; Water ... We will use water in different ways such as drinking, cleaning, the first stage of first aid in injuries, cooking. Food; After Sudan, food is our biggest need. We must protect our energy. Food-related, camping knives, canned foods (fish-vegetables), a small fishing rod, energy bars, there are many alternatives in nature, of course, some of them; Snake, frog, squirrel, rabbit can be ... Warming and Fire; If you have a fever that burns, you can cook, warm up and create a safe area. To light the fire, lighters, matches, bushes you will collect from around ... To warm up, emergency blanket, a small light ax ... First aid for your bag should be; Painkillers, bandage, Oxygenated water, Wound band, Small scissors, Safety pin, Flashlight ... Requirements for housing; A simple tent, Rope, Flashlight and spare batteries, Duct tape, Hand cleaning solution, A small towel ... the size of the bag and the quality of the materials in the content may vary, it's up to you. Thank you...

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