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Bonato won for Citroen at Rallye du Var
Hi, friends! Citroen's factory driver Yoann Bonato won Rallye du Var with their this year's homologated C3 R5 rally car. They are not on the same level with Škoda or Ford when we look at the WRC2 class from the World Rally Championship but they can fight against the private drivers at national championships. And Rallye du Var is part of the French tarmac championship, very famous event and very old - this years edition was their 64th. It's not small number if you organize some rally for 64th time. The have the experience and that's for sure. Guys who know more about rallying say that Rallye du Var and Monte Carlo Rallye had some same stages in the past. I guess that's not the case these days because FIA wouln't allow it that some drivers have an advantage of 'official trainings from Rallye du Var' for the event in the WRC. Guys from France and the region know all that stages very good anyway. Rally itself is long around 192km of special stages with 14 stages itself. It was very good fight between the drivers who are very known on world level and their names are: Bouffier, Sarrazin, Robert etc. These names used to be part of works teams back in the past and with some nice results, especiall on tarmac rallies from the World Rally Championship. Anyway, Yoann Bonato won for Citroen with their new C3 R5 rally car in front of Bryan Bouffier who drives Hyundai i20 R5 these days. European rally champion Nikolas Gryazin finished only 4th on this edition of Rallye du Var. Results (top 5): Bonato 2:00:38.4 Bouffier +1:03.3 Pellier +1:14.5 Gryazin +1:41.8 Gilbert +2:15.6 Thanks for photo and videos to EWRC-RESULTS.com and YouTube. Enjoy some beer! Cheers!