Blast from the past - Rally Australia 1993
Hi, friends! Next video just shows how dangerous rally sport can be. It's about Possum Pourne's co-driver Vincent Rodger Freeth who died after bad accident in their Subaru Legacy RS group A. To be more interesting, Bourne also died in a car accident in 2003, ten years later when another rally driver hit him with another car when both driving on the road which is used as a racing track for some hill climb race. It's interesting that Bourne was also killed in Subaru car. What to say?! Motorsport can be very dangerous. And it is very dangerous. Later in the video it's all about 1993 edition of Rally Australia and it's really interesting to see this beautiful rally cars as Lancia Delta HF Integrale, old Toyota Cellica group A, Mitsubishi Lancer EVO of earliest generations, Subaru Legacy or Ford Escort RS Cosworth. It is pure joy just to watch them. At the start of the video we can see some clever thought of rally drivers of that generation such as young McRae, Biasion, Delacour, Auriol etc. They were all legends of the sport. I can tell that new generations don't know about them. Maybe they know about Colin McRae because of the legendary PS/PS game Colin McRae Rally or Dirt... Do you believe me when I tell you that kids from my street don't know for any rally driver these days?! That's how popular this sport is these days. But I am trying to make it popular! Am I? :D Enjoy in this video and remember: motorsport is dangerous, you never know what's behind another corner. Sometimes only luck is what we need. Thanks for photo and videos to and private Youtube channel. Cheers!