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Where Can I Do Rafting❓❓❓
SOURCE In this article, I will give you information about where we can do rafting. These are the best places for this sport. I researched places in different parts of the world for you. I hope it will be useful for those who love rafting. Ottawa River SOURCE The river is located in Ottawa, Canada's capital. Summer and spring months are the best time for rafting. In winter the river freezes. Therefore, rafting is not done in winter. River flow is low. Therefore, a suitable place for beginners in rafting. 2. Coruh River SOURCE The river is located in the province of Artvin in Turkey. The length of the river is 431 kilometers. It is one of the fastest flowing rivers in the world. The 100-kilometer portion is suitable for rafting. The river has very challenging sections for rafting. Therefore, a more suitable place for professional rafting athletes. 3. Zambezi River SOURCE The river is located on the African continent. Approximately 2750 kilometers long. Here it is very difficult to do rafting. The reason is that there are lots of crocodiles and hippos in the river. Victoria Falls is located on this river. 4. Futaleufu River SOURCE The river passes through Argentina and Chile. It is 110 kilometers long. Rafting can be done at any time of the year. Water flow is increasing in autumn months. Therefore, in autumn only professionals doing rafting. Also, a large number of minerals give the water a wonderful green color. 5. Pacuare River SOURCE The river is in Costa Rica. Approximately 100 kilometers long. Suitable for rafting 30 kilometers. The river is located in tropical forests. There are places where the current is dangerous. These places for professionals. 6. Colorado River SOURCE River passes through the US and Mexico. 2330 kilometers long. It's called the Red River in Spanish. The part of the river that passes through Arizona is suitable for rafting. Also, the river is effective in the formation of the Grand Canyon. 7. Ganges River SOURCE The Ganges River is the largest river in India. It is 2700 kilometers long. The best place for rafting in Asia. June and October are the best times for rafting. Also the Ganges River is a sacred place for the people of India. Religious ceremonies of different beliefs are held here. 8. North Johnstone River SOURCE The river is located on the Australian continent. The approximate length is 200 kilometers. It is located in the rainforest. Difficult to reach the river. Transportation is provided by helicopter. 9. White Nile River SOURCE The White Nile river is a branch of the Nile. It passes through a large number of countries. Uganda and Sudan are some of them. 3700 kilometers long. Part of the rafting is located in Uganda.

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