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On Freaky Friday, I watched Jimmy Lost his Grip and My Grandpa Lost His Knee.
It’s another freaky Friday challenge organized by Pete. This one comes with a huge reward. I hope you all participate through this link. https://scorum.com/en-us/extremesports/@pete/it-s-freaky-friday-march-22-2019 Fear has been a challenging spirit to me. It sometimes stops me from claiming my glory or glories my dad would always say. Source My father has always wanted to take me for horse riding, probably on Fridays, after work. He has won so many trophies in horse riding during his thirties. He has won in flat racing, jump racing, harness racing and endurance racing. pre-source On a Friday after we have finish working on the garden, my grandpa told me he was going for a bull ride in the neighborhood. It was a game of with simple rules but very tough. I asked him if could come with him he but he dissented. Later in the day after he had left, I sneaked out of the house and followed the direction he took. My grandpa and his friend, jimmy have been best of friends from the Navy, since they retired they always go to the PBR to watch riders. They would sometimes quibble on the issues of who is better between them when it comes to bull riding. Jimmy would always use himself to refer to his father. He would list points of being better off than my grandpa . He had won my dad twice in their little organized challenge of horse riding. Sometimes I would wonder if my grandpa could still win any little competition. Anyway he is getting old, besides does it really matter? To him it matters, he likes keeping his reputation high. source Later that Friday, jimmy challenged him for a tougher competition, the best of the best, a go hard or go home; BULL RIDING. It was like a fowl fight, but at the end my dad agreed and the challenge was fixed for another Friday. My grandpa came home that evening with his face looking deplorable. He couldn’t eat that night; he knew jimmy was too good for the challenge. After eating my dinner, I walked up to his room; he didn’t want to talk to anyone including his wife, my grandma. I told him how I followed him to the neighborhood, and heard him accept jimmy’s challenge. He turned to me and said; jimmy has always been a pin in my pocket but I have managed to keep him around because he is always a challenging fellow. I love being challenged; it helps me to grow on my weaknesses. So next Friday, I will have to take the bull by the horn. OUTRE BULL RIDE. Fast forward to Friday, my grandpa and jimmy rode together in jimmy’s Prado jeep; down the road they drove singing and chanting their old Navy songs. You wouldn’t agree this two were to challenge each other in the nearest hour. Old men do amaze me; I was quietly sitting behind them imagining how the ride would be. My grandpa and his friend were known very well in the society, they were accorded with respect and was given a separate arena for their fun game. Few people who had come earlier for a game of PBR which will start later in the evening all came around to watch the two old men. They knew the rules of the game. Jimmy went first, though they were given the privilege to choose a bull of choice. Jimmy picked a 1,500 pounds bull. He took his equipment which were; HEAD GEAR- COWBOY HAT OR HELMET, PROTECTIVE VEST, GLOVE, ROSIN, CHAPS, BULL ROPE, BOOTS AND SPURS. source He climbed his bull and the bull cage was opened. He held his grip as tight as he could hope to last more than 20 seconds. The bull tilted ceaselessly, leaving Jimmy to beg for his life for just 5 seconds. He fell off from the bulls back to the ground, and his wrist was crushed with the bull’s paws. source The bull took him by the horn and flung him through and through the arena. My grandpa knew his friend jimmy was in danger. He rushed into the arena and used himself as a bait so as to lure the bull away from his dying friend. The bull pushed my grandpa, smashed his knee and left him with no hope of walking again. Everyone felt so sad for the two friends and said their prayers for a quick recovery. Source I rushed to my grandpa with tears dropping down my cheek, thinking he was dead. The only thing I heard him say was; he isn’t supposed to die. Jimmy won’t die in the hands of a bull, and then he went into coma. Thanks for reading. Up-vote.