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The leader of the overall standings "Silk Way" turned over. Video from the car
At the eighth stage of the “Silk Way” rally, the crew of the leader of the cargo classification, Sergey Vyazovich, turned over. This happened at 33 km of the special stage. His car made a full turn through the right side and got on the wheels. Visually, the sand seemed soft, but after the rain it became wet and hard, and an automatic gearbox played a cruel joke - the difficulty was that it was impossible to shift downshift, as could be done on a manual gearbox, and as a result, the speed was too high to smoothly descend from the dune. The moment of the incident hit the video from a camera installed inside MAZ. The frames show that even sand has penetrated into the cockpit: How it happened, and also how MAZ got to the starting point, look at the video: “We hit the back, and the car immediately began to roll over, while still in the air. We made a full turn through the right side and got on the wheels. The car did not stall and continued to work, we started off, drove a bit, and when I turned around, asking if everything was alright with the guys, I saw that the safety cage had bent over the mechanic Andrey Zhigulin. He bent over very much - almost reached his helmet, and I immediately stopped, because I realized that even if we reached the finish line, we would still be removed because of such damage, ” - shared Sergey Vyazovich. The team leader made an unequivocal decision to return to the start and wait for the technical support vehicle. Unfortunately for the crew of Sergey Vyazovich the race today is over. Two other MAZs successfully passed the eighth stage. Alexey Vishnevsky as a whole passed the stage at his pace, and, despite off-road, did not encounter technical difficulties and completed the stage on the 4th line, behind the leader of the stage Anton Shibalov, who is now also the first in the general classification, at 17 minutes 52 seconds. The crew of Alexei is now on the 6th line of the overall standings with a lag from the leader at 4 hours and 7 minutes. For Alexander Vasilevsky, despite his famous love for the dunes, the stage also became very difficult. “Such an uneven road, when you don’t even touch the ground and spend the entire stage in flight, is very exhausting. Today there was a specific route that needs attention: there are stones, hummocks and sands all around, ”Alexander shared at the finish. He came on stage five, behind the “KAMAZ” crew by 24 minutes. In the general classification, Vasilevsky’s crew ranks seventh, lagging behind first place by 4 hours and 24 minutes.