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Dan Villopoto - Tribute to the man who built a legend
It's not often that i will double post in a day but this was important for me to do... This is the hard part of any fan of the sport and one nobody really wants to do but also feels the need to. When something bad happens to someone who has been so pivotal in the sport then i think you owe it to them to voice your thoughts and opinions and let the world know. Unfortunately this is one of those times on Wednesday last week Dan Villopoto, whilst out riding at Cahuilla Creek with his friends PJ Larsen and Kurt Nicoll, collapsed. The medical teams on hand did everything in their power to revive him but were unsuccessful in doing so. Things like this always hit like a bomb in the community and my heart and thoughts go out to his family and friends in this time of hurt. Dans life was all about Motocross and it was something he almost sank his last dollar into. Along with his wife, Kristen, he pretty much gave up everything in his life to make sure Ryan had the chance to reach his potential at the very top of the sport. Throughout his sons journey through the amateur ranks he was constantly on the road making sure his son was at all the races and his bike was always ready for action. Somehow the Villopotos also managed to keep time for their other children Tyler and Kylie and made sure they also never went without. When Ryan turned professional his father was right there at his side making sure he was not taken advantage of and making sure his son kept to the right path. This was not easy and there were rocky troubled days in their past because of it. Both father and son were headstrong and very strong willed dedicated people and they butted heads a lot. That being said they put aside all of this towards the end of Ryans career and it was a great thing to see. Dan Villopoto raised one of the sports best ever riders and without his sacrifices the sport would not have been what it is today. Sure he was not the guy on the bike taking all the risks but he was just as important making risks of a different kind. Selling houses and working double shifts to make sure his son had the best chance in life is a risk just as dangerous as one on Supercross track. I myself have lost my father and i look back on the weekends we spent together at the track. I would also never do anything right, never listen and he always had a critical eye. That is part of being a father, you always want your son to be better than you were. To learn from your life lessons, the mistakes you want them to avoid. Ryan Villopoto left this heartfelt message on his instangram page: Ryan Villopoto This world we live in is a giving place but at the same time it can be cruel. I spent the last six weeks with my dad day in and day out working and training for the upcoming races overseas. For the first time in a long time it was real again, like when I as young. But yesterday god called him home with a massive heart attack. Words can not express the depth of my emotion. He was a great man and an even better father. He’s with the lord now so I know he’s in great hands. 🙏. Love you Dad! You will be sorely missed by all. #youmadewhoiamtoday I guess all i have to say is thank you Dan Villopoto for everything you have done and given to the sport. I tip my hat to you and i know you will be very much missed by your family and friends. Once the hurt has passed with time they will look back on their time with you and they will smile, grateful you were a part of their life. You did good mate.