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In the world of sports, there are times when an athlete's name is better known than others. Either because of his achievements, his style of match or his popularity. Similarly with motocross sports, there are many athletes who have achievements but only a few can be named in the category of motocross legend. We tried to compile a list of four motocross racers belonging to the categorical legend. In terms of achievement they certainly no doubt, but there are some things that of them that are not owned by other racers. This then makes them worth mentioning as the motocross legend of the world. Joel Roberts Although only six times felt the title of motocross world champion, the name of Joel Roberts is one of the riders who managed to change the face of the world of motocross sports. He is known to have a special mebalap technique, Robert always take part in the moment devouring the bend and able to make the bike slide with a special technique. During his career in the 60s, this Belgian racer won six world motocross titles in 205cc class. He is also known to perform many eccentric things during races, such as pulling over on the main podium to kiss the lucky female audience. Eric Geboers Geboers is the first rider to win a world motocross title in three different classes: 125cc, 250cc and 500cc. This success then makes Geboers get the nickname "Mr. 875cc ". This Belgian rider pursue motocross sports for 10 years, before finally deciding to retire in 1990. Throughout his career Geboers won 5 world titles from three different classes. George Jobe At the age of 16, Jobe decided to leave football for a career in the world of motocross. The decision is not wrong. Jobe won five world champion titles in two different classes, 250cc and 500cc. He is also the first rider to successfully perform double jump action. Action was done during a fight in the British GP in 1984. The success of Jobe past rival, Andre Malherbe, immortalized perfectly by photographer Nick Haskell. The results of this photo then worldwide and seemed to be an ambassador for motocross sports. Stefan Everts The four-time world champion, Harry Everts, managed to register himself as the top rider who won a grand prix with 101 victories under his name. He also managed to become world motocross champion 10 times. In 2003, Stefan Everts won three world titles in different classes on the same day, when he dominated the race at Ernee France. Despite successfully memengkan 14 of the 15 grand prix race in 2006 ago, Everts decided to retire in the same year. That is berberap figure of motocross legend of the world. Source: www.trialgame.id

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