MAZ with a hood won the 8-day rally in Africa, another MAZ - the 3rd
From April 13 to April 20, 2019, the Morocco Desert Challenge rally took place in the deserts and sands of Morocco. Traditionally for such rally competitions were held between motorcycles, quad bikes, buggies, off-road vehicles and trucks. In the competition among the last, the heaviest cars, 34 crews took part. This, for example, Mercedes-Benz, Renault Truck, Iveco, MAN, Scania, DAF, Ginaf. Also, a team from Belarus in the Belarusian MAZs put up two of their trucks for these competitions. As you can see from the photos, trucks of the same brand, but have a completely different exterior. Remains unchanged except that the red color of the body, for which the team is called "Red Bizons" in honor of the symbol of Belarus bison. The fact is that the classic MAZ that has come up for many years in various rallies and which reached the silver medals of the Dakar-2018: added a new development of the Minsk Automobile Plant - MAZ in the bonnet version: In Morocco, this modification MAZ was the first start. And according to the results of all eight stages, this particular truck under the control of Sergey Vyazovich became the winner. From the runner-up MAN TGS run by the Dutchman Peter Versluis Sergey came off at 22 minutes 29 seconds! The third place according to the results of the whole race was taken by another MAZ (in the classic exterior) managed by Alexey Vishnevsky. It is worth noting that trucks from Belarus were not only fast, but also very reliable: over 2 thousand 700 kilometers of off-road racing, Vishyevsky’s car had only wheel punctures, though three at once. In Vyazovich’s car, there were also no difficulties other than a burst pipe of the cooling system and a blown fuse. So we congratulate the Minsk Automobile Plant with a successful debut of the “kapotnik” in the races, and the guys with an excellent result. In conclusion, we present to your attention the top 10 crews in the truck class in the general classification based on the results of the entire race: OFFICIAL RESULTS of the 8th stage can be found HERE.