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Redbull's year to date has been anything less than frustrating. Either the cars have let the team down, or the drivers have proceeded to take each other out. F1 is a sport of "if's". If these crashes didn't occur, and mechanical failures didn't hinder podium chances, Ricciardo, and to a lesser degree, Verstappen, would be better positioned in the championship race. 

But if we now put this aside and take stock, looking forward to the back-half of the year, there is an interesting prospect which now awaits. We appreciate that both the Mercedes and Ferrari have more straight-line speed than the Redbulls. However, when you have a tighter, slower circuit, the aerodynamic package of the Redbull is far superior to any of the other teams on the circuit. This was very evident in Monaco. So with the likes of Singapore, Suzuka and Russia, which have more corners than most, and a slower lap time in comparison, the Redbulls may pick up a few more wins. Couple this with the ability to pick up the minor podiums on the faster circuits and the championship then becomes very interesting indeed. Given the recent upgrades provided to them by Renault, the squeeze could very much occur at the top of the ladder. 

But, we must also consider the recent announcement to change engine suppliers at the end of the year. Taking this into consideration, will the performance levels continue, or will Renault do no further for Redbull? This leaves a lot of questions, but if the summer break provides enough momentum upon return to regular racing, it will be one of the tightest seasons for a long time. 

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