Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton suffers a hydraulic failure during the German GP Q1 qualifying session and sinks to his knees with dejection.

Lewis Hamilton demands he doesn't feel frightened by Mercedes' most recent specialized disappointment and says he will channel the intensity of positive reasoning at the German GP.

The best on the planet will begin Sunday's race at Hockenheim from fourteenth place - 13 spots behind shaft sitting title match Sebastian Vettel - after a hydrodynamics blame toward the finish of Q1 set off a power directing disappointment and implied he needed to stop his auto on track

The specialized issue comes two races after Mercedes endured race-finishing disappointments on both their autos in Austria and in the midst of a furious title fight with Ferrari, who lead both title races.

In any case, inquired as to whether he was beginning to feel 'frightened' by late occasions, Hamilton answered: "I don't think that its disturbing. We work through whatever issues we are looked with."

He included: "When I got back my first idea is we as a whole vibe a similar agony in the group, and I really mean it when I say we win and lose together. I can't control what has simply happened, whatever I can do is endeavor to shape and steer what is going on later on.

"I moved beyond it extremely fast, which is a piece of the developing procedure for every one of us, and now I'm attempting to make a point to put as much vitality towards doing the best employment I can [in the race]. As you find in loads of situations throughout everyday life, great things can come in the event that you put diligent work and positive vitality towards it. With the goal that's what I will attempt."

Hamilton clarifies auto disappointment

Cutting a quiet and created figure in his Saturday evening appearance before the media, Hamilton looked to elucidate what had happened to his auto, as Mercedes additionally clarified the blame was not the consequence of driver blunder.

"The supposition I've seen individuals have made were that the terrible knocks I encountered later on were the reason for the disappointment, which isn't the situation," clarified Hamilton.

"Everybody utilizes the leave kerb at turn one and when I got to the leave kerb the power guiding fizzled and when that happened the controlling got to a great degree overwhelming and pulled to one side.

"I thought I'd had a tire disappointment or a track-pole disappointment or something to that effect, however that wasn't the situation, it was the water power which at that point constrained me to take that leave street. I was conveying a great deal of speed thus couldn't generally back off and took those knocks subsequently. In any case, they didn't do anything to the auto. It is anything but difficult to expect that would have been the situation, yet it wasn't."

Would he be able to have beaten Vettel to post?

After a keep running of three progressive Mercedes shafts, Vettel took full favorable position of Hamilton's unforeseen destruction to assert his first qualifying P1 since Canada and fifth of the season.

In any case, Hamilton trusts he would have had the pace to take his own particular fifth post of 2018 - in spite of the fact that said Ferrari's unrivaled pace on the straights had gotten Mercedes' attention.

"It did [have post in it]," he said. "We didn't realize that the Ferraris would be so quick on straights. I figure Valtteri completed an incredible activity and they made a great deal of time up on the straights, which their new thing.

"To make three tenths up just on the straights is great when you don't have another motor."