The British driver of the Mercedes-Petrona Team Lewis Hamilton # 44 won the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi 2018 at the Yas Marina Circuit, in the last race of the season.

The Briton after starting from the pole for 11 times in the season, which he achieved on Saturday by beating his teammate Valtteri Bottas #77 and his rival for the title of the Ferrari team Sebastian Vettel #5, obtained his victory number 11, to close a great season 2018. The first 10 laps were of great emotion, all this because the three teams of points had a very even pace, but Hamilton was able to maintain the lead of the race, followed by his partner of Bottas equipment.

In the first lap of the race the safety car came out, due to an incident between Nico Hulkenberg's Renault #27 and Romain Grosjean's Haas #8, where both tires impacted causing the rollover of the Renault German car.

The green flag and the restart of the race was for lap 5, where the British driver of Mercedes and race leader did not hesitate to detach himself from his closest pursuers, but the race was again neutralized by the car #7 of Kimi Raikkonen stopped in the main straight, which forced the commissioners of the race place a regime of Virtual Safety Car, in which Hamilton took the opportunity to stop in the pits after a decline in his pace of the race. When leaving the green flag again, the persecutors of Hamilton, also entered the pits, which left as leader the pilot of Redbull, the Australian Daniel Riccardo # 3.

The Australian loses the lead on lap 33 after his pit stop, then 5 behind his teammate the Dutchman Max Verstappen #33, after the stop Riccardo the Mercedes retake the tip of the Grand Prix with Hamilton ahead . On lap 35 the German Vettel pilot makes a great overtaking to the Mercedes de Bottas, to be later also advanced by Verstappen, who completed the podium of the race, at the end of it.

the final podium of the race:

  1. Lewis Hamilton #44

2. Sebastian Vettel #5

3. Max Verstappen #33

Word of the three podium riders:

Hamilton's words for Vettel: "It's been an honor and a privilege to compete against Sebastian, he's very honest, I know he's going to come back next season with strength."
Vettel responds to the words of Mercedes: "He is the champion and he deserved it, it has been a tough year and I have tried everything until the last lap even today A long year, many races and as Lewis has said we will try everything so that it does not have it so easy next year ".
Verstappen interviewed after the race: "It was not an easy race but we were able to return to a good position to put pressure on those at the top".

The drivers who left the race were: on lap 5 Nico Hulkenberg after his touch with Grosjean; K. Raikkonen on lap 7 after his car was stopped on the main straight; M. Ericsson also his car was stopped on track on lap 25, E. Ocon stopped on track and tried to re-start the race, and P. Gasly bursts engine on lap 48.


The # 1 Honoree of the race, after finishing his F1 career, was Spanish driver of Mclaren, Fernando Alonso #14, who finished in the 11th place of the race, who commented in his interview after finishing the race, the following words:

"It has been a pleasure to run with these champions, I feel privileged. Thanks for everything, thanks to Formula 1. "
It has been very beautiful. Thank you. It has been improvised because I have seen that they were making donuts in other curves and then they have been by my side. We went like this until goal. Grateful. They are great champions. There will be battles that I will miss and, in the end, a good day."

Alonso left great numbers in F1, among them we have in 312 great prizes achievement 32 victories, 97 podiums, 22 poles, 23 fast laps in races, and his greatest achievement is his two driver titles in the 2005 and 2006 seasons, and more defeating the German pilot 7 times World Champion Michael Schumager.

Here is a video of Mclaren's homage to Alonso:


Undoubtedly, it was a great season 2018, where at the start of the season there was a great fight between two great drivers such as the champions Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, where the German driver had a great car, but due to the errors of both him and the team, made them lose the championship of both drivers and teams, in which Hamilton took advantage of their opportunities and demonstrating the great pilot that is.

In spite of only having one victory in the season, the pilot Filandes Raikkonen had an excellent season, knowing that he was the #2 driver of the Ferrari team, and in many occasions he had to give the position to his teammate to order of your engineer and the highest authority of the team.

On the other hand, Max Verstappen, Redbull driver did not have a good start to the season, but then in the second half of the season was the feeling to give fights to the drivers of Mercedes and Ferrari, thus achieving two wins; On the other hand his team mate Daniel Riccardo started the season in a great way, achieving 2 victories, but then he had several mechanical failures that caused them several abandonments which had the pilot frustrated giving dubious statements against the team, such as those failures were caused because he would leave as a team after the season.

Among the most important driver changes for the following season 2019 of the f1 are the driver C. Leclerc becomes a Ferrari driver and Raikkonen passes for the Sauber Team, Daniel Riccardo goes for the Renault team taking the place of Carlos Sainz Jr who is going to Mclaren for the next season. And one of the best news in the return to formula 1 of the Polish driver Robert Kubica in the hand of the Williams team.

I hope you enjoyed it, and once the season is over, you will also finish my post-race analysis post for the F1 grand prix, see you in the 2019 season.

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