On Tuesday 27 and Wednesday 28 of the month of November, the 2018 post-season tests of the f1 were carried out at the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi.

On November 27 and 28, the 2018 F1 post-season tests were held at the Yas Marina circuit, the site of the last Formula One Grand Prix of the 2018 season. test the different pilots had the opportunity to test the cars of their new equipment, all this thanks to the tests organized by the official tire supplier of the category, Pirelli. In these tests, several pilots made their new equipment at the wheel. Among the great changes in the teams we have:

Charles Leclerc #16: Switched from the Sauber team to the Ferrari team.

Pierre Gasly: ​ in the just finished 2018 season he ran for the Toro Rosso team, but for 2019 he went to the official Redbull team.

Daniel Ricciardo #3: Team Redbull step for Renault Team.

Lance Stroll #18: your new team is Force India.

Carlos Sainz #55: participated in the tests with his new team Mclaren Team.

Lando Norris #47: F1 debutant with the Mclaren Team.

Daniil Kvyat #26: Return to F1 again with the Toro Rosso team.

Alexander Albon: Debutante with Toro Rosso.

Kimi Raikkonen #7: in these tests he was at the wheel of his new team Sauber Team.

Antonio Giovinazzi #36: returns to the top flight again with Sauber Team.

George Russell #63: debutante in the category with Williams.

Robert Kubica #40: Polish driver feeling, who returns to the F1 after his accident in the World Rally Championship, hand in hand with Williams.

As for the first day of testing, the driver who finished in the first position was the German of the Ferrari team, Sebastian Vettel # 5, with a time of 1: 36.812, in a total of 67 laps, his best return was with the compound hyperblading of the range of compound of the season 2018. In the second position was the pilot Filandes of Mercedes Petrona, Valtteri Bottas # 77, with a time of 1: 37.231 with the compound 5 of the next season 2018, in 120 laps made; And to complete the first three places of the first day of testing, ended the Canadian driver with his new Force India team, Lance Stroll, being the big surprise of the first day of testing, where his fastest time was 1: 37.415 in 56 laps timed, with the Hiperblando compound of the 2018 season.

Final times table: Day 1

Among the most important statements we have:

Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes): "Overall, the testing day in Abu Dhabi was good, we completed our program without any problems and were able to do some long and short runs combining the new Pirelli compounds."
Sebastian Vettel: "The purpose of this test is mainly to get a first idea of ​​the new tires, with the impressions of the last race weekend still fresh in our minds, which gave us the possibility to compare."

On the second day of testing, on Wednesday the 28th, I finish as leader at the end of the day, the new partner of Sebastian Vettel, the pilot of Monaco, Charles Leclerc # 16, who made the best time of both days. test, by doing an excellent time of 1: 36.450, with compound 5 of the following season 2019, in a total of turns given to the circuit of 135. In the second position I remain Pierre Gasly, with 1: 37.916, with the also compound 5 2019, in 129 turns. To complete the podium of this second day of testing and like the first day, is the Force India driver, Lance Stroll, with 1: 38.044, with the compound Hiperblando 2018, in 122 laps. To complete the podium of this second day of testing and like the first day, is the Force India driver, Lance Stroll, with 1: 38.044, with the compound Hiperblando 2018, in 122 laps. The pilot that more turn in the circuit of Yas Marina, was Carlos Sainz Jr with 150.

Final times table: Day 2

Kubica, who only completed 39 laps during the morning, finished last in the classifier with a lap of 1m44s208.

Circuit Information:

Circuit of Yas Marina (Wikipedia)

Location: Yas Island, Abu Dhabi.

Coordinates: 24 ° 28'13 "N 54 ° 36'22" ** ECoordinates: ** 24 ° 28'13 "N 54 ° 36'22" E

Events: Formula 1; Formula 2; GP3; F4 (UAE)

Length: 5,554 km

Curves: 21

Record lap: 1: 36.231 (Formula 1), Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes (2017).

Inauguration: November 01, 2009 (9 years)

In Conclusion, these tests were of utmost importance, since the pilots, so many debutants in the highest world category, such as Formula 1, and the pilots who changed teams and came back, had the opportunity to try the teams for the next 2019 championship, as well as having at hand all the tire ranges of the upcoming season 2019. On the other hand the novice pilots surprised in the tests, and others surprised with their performance on track, however we must wait Next year's Pre-season tests to see what can be the least true performance of the teams and drivers to have the new best, both the chassis and the suppliers of the engines

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