The Grand Prix of Hungary for Max Verstappen was a race of only six laps. The Dutchman had to park his car in the grass with a technical problem that caused his engine to just say quits. Verstappen's engine falls silent with a technical problem

Max Verstappen started the Hungarian Grand Prix from the seventh position. The Dutchman installed the ultra soft tires under his Red Bull car, where Vettel and Sainz opted for the soft tires. At the start, Max immediately took Gasly and Sainz and climbed up to the fifth position behind Kimi Raikkonen. With this position this early in the race, Verstappen maximized his chances for a good result, even a position with the first three.

In the opening phase, the top four were just too fast, so Verstappen ended up in a position where he could not move forward. But Max did not have to wait long for his personal results, because in round six the Dutchman called: 'NO POWER! NO POWER! On his radio', After which he had to park his car in the grass.

Understandably Max and his team are not very happy about the brand that supplies the engines for their car, Renault. Last year the Grand Prix of Hungary was not a very good race, Ferrari dominated the race. Sebastian Vettel took the win for teammate Kimi Raikkonen and Valtteri Bottas. Max Verstappen crashed with teammate Daniel Ricciardo in the first round and finished fifth. There is no position for Max Verstappen this time.