Nothing like a great Formula One race can keep viewers at the edge of their seats. Year after year, F1 keeps giving us all the intensity and drama we need.

From Jim Clark running out of fuel inches from the finish to Michael Schumacher pitting Rubens Barrichello against the fence, every Grand Prix tournament and World Championship has shown us that auto racing is one of the most entertaining sports to watch.

Which is why it’s hard not to look back on these best F1 races of all time - moments that had us gasping for air in excitement or in terror watching racers showcase what it truly means to be fast and furious.

2008 - Seb Vettel’s First Victory (Italian Grand Prix)

We all know Sebastian Vettel is one of the most triumphant racers of this age, with a record four consecutive championship titles that started in 2010. But apart from that, what’s truly remarkable about Vettel’s racing career is winning Toro Rosso’s elusive Grand Prix title in Monza as an underdog. This was the best surprise to what was already an action-packed year for the F1.

2008 - The Heart-stopping Final Lap (Brazilian Grand Prix)

If you’re one to fancy plot twists, the final lap in Brazil gave way for a massive shift. Felipe Massa was seconds away from claiming the world championship, only to be floored by F1 superstar Lewis Hamilton who passed Timo Glock’s slow Toyota at the last stretch. Hamilton won the title, marking the event as one of the best F1 races I could remember.

2014 - One of F1’s Closest Races (Bahrain Grand Prix)

Speaking of close calls, Hamilton was again involved in a tight race against teammate Nico Rosberg. During the Bahrain Grand Prix, the two were head-to-head with a very small margin, with Hamilton cutting the call by doing just a bit better to become the race winner. Imagine the tension that befell upon the Mercedes garage after that race.

2005 - Raikkonen’s startling overtake (US Grand Prix)

Most people would remember the Finnish racer for his groundbreaking first season Championship win in ‘07, but that incredible overtake he pulled off on the final lap at turn one of the US Grand Prix in 2005 is still etched deeply in my memory. That alone makes it one of the best F1 races of all time, I’m telling you. If this was his way of compensating for that measly 17th place in the qualifiers, he did it very well.

2008 - Hamilton’s First Homeground Championship

2008 was quite an eventful year. Lewis Hamilton left quite an impactful end to the F1 Championships. He won his very first victory in his home soil. Even with a heavy downpour, Hamilton proved superior on the concrete by finishing the race in just one minute, with no one trailing him behind. This emotional win is indeed one of F1’s greatest moments in history.

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