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The title duel between Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel is so slow the tension. The Formula 1 has in Japan but also enough other topics of conversation.

REFORMS: The qualification for the Grand Prix should be more exciting. Therefore, the bosses of the racing series consider introducing a fourth round for the battle for the pole position next year. So far, the qualification has only three time sections. Ferrari star Vettel considers the idea nonsense. "I wonder what we are discussing in ten years. Is it then Q9 and Q10? », Etched the Hesse. He would much rather return to the old format with a one hour qualification, in which everyone can hunt the fastest lap as often as possible. Decision open.

REMEMBER: Four years is probably the worst day of the recent Formula 1 history. Jules Bianchi's crash with a salvage crane, the result of which the Frenchman later died, makes many of his colleagues in Suzuka still hard heart. It is especially hard for Charles Leclerc. The Sauber driver from Monaco was close friends with Bianchi and is now coming to Japan for the first time. "It is very difficult. The track ascent was pretty emotional, "confessed the 20-year-old, who next year will ride alongside Vettel for Ferrari.

TEAM SPIRIT: The debate over the Mercedes-stall order of Sochi continues to occupy the Formula 1 in the week after. Valtteri Bottas, who had to relinquish his race lead to World Cup hunter Hamilton in Russia, has meanwhile made his peace with the unpopular boxing order. "That was good for my confidence. I feel like a winner because I showed that I was fast enough to be ahead and win the race, "said the 29-year-old Finn. He would do it again, Bottas added. Colleague Hamilton, on the other hand, wants a repeat