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So as you all know with the end of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the 2018 F1 season has came to an end, with the Lewis Hamilton being the world champion this season. So now what is coming for the next season and what we expect to see in the year 2019 of the Formula 1. So here are the few rule changes that has now been implemented and hopefully we will see a better and more tight competition next year.

Changes in the F1 for the year 2019:

  • Changes to weight of the driver:
    • In the 2018 season, the driver's weight was taken in combination with the vehicle's weight rather than taking it separately. The disadvantage of this configuration was that the lighter driver can use ballast and distribute the weight accordingly along the car to increase the car's performance, compared to the heavy and tall drivers who can't use that because they are already close enough to the weight limit. So to sum up the problem, lighter drivers have an advantage because their car's weight is equally distributed and heavier driver has less advantage because they can't use ballast to equally distribute the weight of the car as they are already touching the weight limit of the car and driver's combined weight.
    • But as per the new changes the weight of the driver will now be considered separately and not combined with the car. As per the official F1 website, there will be a minimum weight of 80kg for the driver to be mandated and if the driver is below that weight than they have to add the ballast to get the weight above the mandated 80kg threshold. Also you can only add ballast adjacent to the driver, so thereby reducing the advantage that the lighter drivers had over the heavier drivers. Thereby making the competition more fair for everyone.
    • In other words, the theory before "The lighter the driver, the faster the car" is no longer gonna be the winner decider. No we are talking about playing the game on equal levels. Its the driver's skills now that decide who is gonna win and not the car performance.
  • Changes in fuel allowances:
    • Previously in the 2018 season, the fuel allowances were set at 105kg, but today's F1 car are heavier and consume more fuel, so the consequences were that the drivers weren't able to put the 'pedal to the metal' as it is said, because they had to conserve their fuel to be able to complete the race. So in the 2018 season drivers were lifting and coasting the car, rather than giving it all during the entire race.
    • So with the new season the F1 have decided that the fuel allowances will be increased by 5kg and pushing it from 105 to 110kg.
    • So what does that mean, it means that drivers now no longer have to worry about being running out of fuel in the mid race and they can just push the car to the max during the entire race.
  • Bio-metric Gloves for the drivers:
    • With the 2019 season coming soon, the Formula 1 is getting more and more technologically advanced. For the upcoming season the drivers are mandated to wear the bio-metric gloves that were developed by the FIA safety department to assess the health condition of the drivers, before, during and while the whole race and also help to know the condition of the driver while he is involved in a crash.
    • So how does it work?, as per what I know, the gloves are stitched with sensors that monitor vital information like pulse rate, oxygen level in blood and more and send that data to the medical team at the side of the track.
    • This will be of importance when a driver is involved in crash and medical team before even getting him out of the car or reaching the accident spot can easily monitor the critical health condition of the driver.
    • I will say its kind of space tech thing going on here lol ;]

Driver Changes for the year 2019:

  • As you all might know that the year 2018 was the final year for the F1 star, Fernando Alonso. You heard it right, Alonso have retired now and will no longer compete in the 2019 season.
  • So following are the changes to the teams and the drivers:
    • Daniel Ricciardo is leaving the Red Bull racing team and joining the Renault for the 2019 season. He is going to replace Carlos Sainz Jr. in the Renault team.
    • Carlos Sainz Jr. who was previously with the Renault racing team is now joining Mclaren racing team and is replacing Fernando Alonso for the upcoming season.
    • Charles Leclerc who was with Sauber racing team, will now leave and will join the Scuderia Ferrari racing team replacing Kimi Räikkönen. In turn Kimi Räikkönen is returning back to Sauber racing team. So I can say it is a driver exchange kind of thing.
    • Daniil Kvyat is scheduled to rejoin the Toro Rosso racing team along with his new team mate Alexander Albon.
    • Esteban Ocon is leaving the Force India racing team for the F1 2019 season and entering the Mercedes team as a reserve and simulator driver for the team.

The Race Schedule for the 2019 Formula 1 Season:

Source: Wikipedia

So all I can say from the seen changes that the Formula 1 2019 season is going to be packed with some thrilling races and a fierce competition on who is going to be the champion of all.

So will be waiting for the upcoming season.

So put the pedal to the metal...

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