Security delegate F1 Charlie Whiting found the use of the restrictive line in the seventh turn of the road in Singapore completely ineffective.

On Saturday at the Grand prix of Singapore, the FIA ​​struck a yellow line on the outside of the seventh turn, thereby indicating the limits of the route and facilitating control over their descent. This was asked by the drivers themselves, so that no one had a desire to leave widely and get an advantage. However, after the race, Charlie Whiting said that no one tried to go on the yellow line.

"To be honest, I think it was a waste of paint," he told reporters. - Next year we will study another solution, but after Friday it was already impossible to do something. But I doubt that qualification was a deterrent, because they drove two meters from the line. I suspect that it would be faster to drive along the curb, but not to go for it. "

The pilots crossed the line only twice for the race - both times accidentally, during the fight for the position.

"It happened with only two cars that participated in the fight, and there's absolutely no need to worry about it," added Whiting.

Another change on the track was a small rebuilding of the segment between 16 and 17 turns, because of what the length of the circle was reduced by two meters. Records in the qualification and race have been updated: now the first belongs to Lewis Hamilton, and the second - to Kevin Magnussen.

According to Whiting, the point here is certainly not in reducing the distance: "I do not know what this means in terms of the time of the circle. But the record of the circle is explained not by the reduction of the route by two meters, I'm sure. It is still possible to make comparisons with the times of the circle of past years, but for timekeepers it is now a new configuration of the track, and, therefore, a new circle record. "

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