Ernando Alonso has before him the challenge of achieving his second victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. But the essential thing for the Spaniard is to win the Resistance World Championship, that is his objective number 1. Option to run the DTM: "Now is not the time, surely, in the future maybe it could be interesting, but I do not know what the future will hold Maybe in two years I'll be tired of competing, who knows, but right now it's not in my short-term plans. "

How he faces the 24 Hours of Le Mans: "The feeling towards the race is similar to last year, with a lot of respect for Le Mans. We know the challenge that lies before us, we have the fastest car and the most robust, so we are the favorites, it is a challenge against ourselves and against the race, Le Mans has shown, even to Toyota, that it is a very tough race and that finishing it is not easy, even though last year we did not have big problems, it is not easy It's like that again, we have to be prepared for the unexpected and try to make as few mistakes as possible. " Win the race or the World Endurance: "My wish is to be world champion on Sunday After winning Le Mans once, being a Resistance champion will be even better than two Le Mans victories, but in this race it is more feasible not to finish that in a six-hour, and if you do not finish is to say goodbye to the championship.There are things that are not under your control, Le Mans decides who wins and in this case also who is the champion, so I hope we do enough to deserve the title. "