At the Grand Prix of France, McLaren was seen at a very high level. Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris were fighting with the Red Bull throughout the weekend. When it was thought that the rival to beat was Renault it turns out that the battle was against a stronger opponent. Thanks to his sixth place at Paul Ricard, Sainz has placed seventh with 26 points. For his part, Norris, who finished ninth in the French track, is twelfth with 14 points. English is showing more strength in the free and in the qualifications than in the races. There is not being able to with a spectacular Sainz, which has gone from less to more.

Be that as it may, McLaren is the best in the middle zone, the first of mortals. Sum 40 points (takes eight to Renault). Last year he had the same number in the first eight races thanks to the great expertise of Fernando Alonso. However, in the next three races McLaren did not add points to his locker. That is to say, the duo Sainz-Norris has before him the great opportunity to improve in a lot what the Woking team has been doing in recent times. The changes introduced in the organization chart seem to be giving the desired results. The brand new director Andreas Seidl has been demanding and has asked for progress. And the improvement has not been made wait.