There is no history in Japan. Lewis Hamilton dominated the two free test sessions at the Grand Prix of Japan at the Suzuka race warning Sebastian Vettel that in the upcoming British race is also a big favorite for the final success. With the time of 1 minute 28 seconds and 217 of the thousands, the world's most powerful champion put all rivals in the line behind him. His team-mate Valter Bottas was second-placed with 4-tenths of a second slower than English. Only the third Vettel but the big problem of Germany and Ferrari stands at the time set in Suzuka, as the Italian team has a very low pace compared to Mercedes and not in vain Vettel was more than 8 tenths of the slower slower than Hamilton. Even worse was Kimi Raikkonen who was also left behind by the Red Bull Max Verstappen driver. After them, Ricoardo and Ocon were positioned.