New Destiny2 Video But By Me - MYSTORY Nr3

New Destiny2 Content Gameplay

Hello World, Hello Viewers!

Welcome to this new Destiny2 Beyond Light free update test!

If you can read this you are welcome here, congratulations.

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_______________ A New Video _______________

And A New Season For Destiny

0:00 - DESTINY: #beyondlight

Hello World!

A small step for a game but a giant leap for a gamer!

Welcome to my new Destiny2 Beyond Light quest dungeon and chaos gameplay, welcome to arguably the most lit asmr video ever in which I will try do not get destroyed as much as possible.

In fact the making of this video was relatively “intense” so please forgive me if I am not the Lance Armstrong of gaming here.

10:00 - GAMEPLAY: #gaming

I am a simple gamer, I see game, I play!

I also thought about writing something that makes sense but I got hungry and needed a granola bar.

So please drop lots of likes, comments and destroy the websites user-interface in any imaginable way.

15:00 - ADDON: #content

I was tuned to see the new content in this epic Destiny2 update so I decided to try to play some of the new quests but it turned out that I had some problems with bugs (not the insects) and my inability to level up properly in games so I had to try to explore the areas that I could already access.

20:00 - FUN: #entertainment

In fact I had lots of fun making this video even if not everything is perfect and sometimes I got obliterated by the more powerful enemy encounters!

I got destroyed very often to be honest but that’s ok because I am suffering for your pleasure. So please enjoy this video and blog post and give me feedback if you want.

And if you don’t want that’s ok.

Please do it anyway.

25:00 - COSMODROME: #newarea

“Then confusion was great when I landed on the surface of a well known sphere shaped celestial body, called earth. I saw something I knew from the glory of the good old days of the Destiny1 Ps3 demo. I was back at the amazing Cosmodrome of the classic Destiny and it looked amazing.”

30:00 - FINALITY: #outtakes

Not to be confused with “FaTaLiTy”.

I always add something special to my videos aside of my face that makes it easier to resist the urge to drink bleach after watching them (not really I think).

So this time I added a little montage of outtakes that I thought should be at the ending of the main video because I don’t really want someone to see them anyway.

No, I am just kidding! Watch my whole video and you will be lucky for thousand years…

Or you might want to bury yourself afterwards.

Have a nice day and don’t forget:

I see you!

Yours Sincerely,


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