Hi everyone!

I'm @carita-feliz and today I'll be talking about different tools that can be helpful for making a choice on fantasy premierleague.

FPL doesn't offer a tool for getting the big picture. When it comes to choosing someone to transfer into your squad, there are some helpful tools i've come accross.This time the topic will be fixture planning.

Fantasy Fallout: This website offers a great, clean and simple way to compare every team by fixture difficulty. It uses the official stats from the FPL website, when it comes to deciding how difficult is a fixture. You'll get a sum of the added fixture difficulties.

Click here to check it out

All you need to is select the number of GWs

Fantasy express: Fantasy express lets you select which teams you want to compare, this might be helpful for deciding on who to bring in, when you have more than 1 option. Other than that it lets you choose the amount of fixtures and a starting GW.

Select the amount, the starting GW and whch teams you care about

The start GW has its standard option set to the current fixtures, so you won't have to change GW if you want to compare for the next games.

Click here to check it out

BetterFPL: BetterFPL is an extension. It enhances your FPL experience by telling you how difficult the next 5 fixtures are for a specific player, so you won't have to open another tab.

Take into acount that this extension is only available for google chrome

Go here to check it out


These 3 options all are great if you want to make some long term additions to your teams.

BetterFPL is the easiest one to use, after installing it, your FPL experience will be changed permanently. Its biggest disadvantage is that it is only available for google chrome users. It doesn't let you see the fixtures for each team, so if you want more details you'll need another option

Fantasy fallout and fantasy express are really similar, but i prefer fantasy fallout. It is very simple to use and doesn't have many details, which for me are redundant.

I personally think the best option is a combination between BetterFPL and Fantasy fallout.

As you can see from all of these websites/extensions Brighton Leicester Chelsea Liverpool West ham (beware of City in 3 weeks) and Burnley will be having a great run of fixtures.

The same can be said about Huddersfield Newcastle and Cardiff but I personally wouldn't get any players from them

Do you have any other tools for fixtures? if yes please let me know

P.S: I didn't include Fantasy football fix, because it isn't free