Nagging injuries, lack of consistent oversight in team management by me, and a couple of nail-biter losses across all three of my leagues have set back Thompson Trilogy, Team Thompson, and Carl's Team these past 3 weeks.

The only good news still is that all three of my teams are still in the money, however, we do not look as healthy or as dominant as we were a month ago.

Thompson Trilogy
Team Thompson
Carl's Team

Are all three of my teams still in good position to reclaim their spots at the top? Sure, but its going to take a bit more luck for my teams to remain healthy and for things to go my way more in clutch situations.

Although a bit more sidetracked (or busier) with life than I was in the beginning half of the season , I won't make excuses. I'm still proud of the teams that I constructed and I believe in them so I continue to trust in the process...