Thompson Trilogy

Thompson Trilogy enjoyed a week-off in Week 14 finishing the season #2 seed. We now face a team we've beaten before by 56 points back in Week 4. Feisty Bruins just dropped 182.72 points in his wildcard round.
I plan to Start Brady over Mahommes. I'm also getting back James Conner , who was injured for the last 3 weeks.

Team Thompson

Team Thompson also finished the #2 seed.
Russel Wilson I need to have a big game. Him as well as Patrick Mahommes, who are both MVP candidates, haven't been hot lately but I know Wilson will come through. I can say the same for Godwin, my only player I have on all 3 of my teams, Thomas, Chubb, Henry, and D. Moore, my most consistent player among 2 of my teams.

Carl's Team (Eliminated)

Carl's Team had a chance to stay in Playoff contention two weeks ago when I botched up big time choosing who to start and who to sit. My bench scored 113 points. Carl's Team got upset last week by a team that had only 1 win and managed to get a blow out win over us stretching their win total to 2-12. As extremely humbling an end it is for Carl's Team playoff hopes, we still have a chance to finish with a winning record (or at least at or above .500).
Flashback to Week 13 where I lost a game I should've won. My bench outscored my starters by a bunch. I benched Wilson for Brees to play against the Falcons (again) and it went downhill from there.