My Fantasy Superbowl results

Recap of my teams from 3 different years (including this year)

In my first year (2018) playing Fantasy Football, back when Mikey and others hosted the first-ever Scorum Fantasy Football League, my team went 7-6 and missed the playoffs. Despite coming up short, I enjoyed my first season because it was an eye-opening experience to be able to spectate my favorite players and football culture from a different perspective; one where I not only got financially rewarded by the outcomes of games and players performances but also one where I benefitted by building and sharpening my knowledge of football. I became better at making critical decisions in the process.

In my second year (2019) playing Fantasy Football, I drafted and managed 3 teams for 3 different leagues where one team finished 7-7 missing the playoffs, another finishing 16-10 losing in the first round of playoffs, and another team losing in the Superbowl with a regular season record of 10-4. These were 3 teams I posted about while I was still active on Scorum at the time.

^*It is a humbling feeling to still see others alive and well here on Scorum, while still posting to keep the platform running consistently and smoothly as designed.

This year (2021) playing Fantasy Football, I drafted and managed two teams, where one team has finished 6-9 missing the playoffs in my Yahoo league and my other team, Thompson Trilogy, has now won the Superbowl finishing 18-9-1 (20-9-1 including playoffs) in my Apex Veteran league. I won't fully detail the level of effort I put into drafting these teams that I managed but in the end, for one team to end up being my first-ever losing team (finishing with a losing record) and the other becoming a Superbowl winning team just made me feel grateful and content overall.

Yahoo League - First team ever that I put together finishing with a losing record.
Apex League- First team ever that I put together that won a Superbowl. We remained 2nd in overall rankings much of the season and through to the end.

Covid and the ever-changing nature of the NFL

While considering taking another break from playing after winning, I'm most likely going to stop playing Fantasy Football entirely after this football season. This is a decision I was prepared to make even if I had lost both leagues this year. A large part of the reason is due to football not being the same as it's always been over the years - in many ways I mean that I feel too many things about the NFL are off these days (on and off the field).

As if the game couldn't become any more softer or stricter with more rules and regulations, Covid propaganda is now widespread and rampant throughout the NFL more than ever. Thus, this will continue affecting the natural order, progressions, and way of living for all fans, players and organizations in the NFL, if not all of sports in general.

Because of Covid, players are now more vulnerable to becoming scrutinized for their life decisions off the field. It takes a moral toll on me as a fan to have to witness players leadership and ethics come into question unfairly over something like Covid.

Covid and the ever-changing nature (or the moving of the goalposts) of the NFL has dampened the fan spirit in me to a degree I could not predict that I would feel; perhaps this is the case more so than the idea of me having reached a certain level of maturity or satisfactory in my life that could maybe allow me to live without sports, football mostly, rather peacefully.

Until then, and until (maybe) Tom Brady, the GOAT, retires, I'll relish my Fantasy victory for as long as possible. No decisions I make right now are final but I will enjoy football for what it is currently and for what it used to be, not for what it is becoming.

I'm a NFL Fantasy Superbowl Champion.

I purchased a replica Superbowl trophy off of Amazon. Is this over the top? I don't care. They make them for people like me.