The 2019 baseball season of major leagues begins and for us opens a new opportunity to increase our portfolio, it is No Limit Fantasy Sports a website that allows you to win tokens NLC2 playing fantasy sports.

Today 28/03/2019 have unlocked the selection for our fantasy baseball team, hurry up and make your drafts before it's too late.

Building Our Baseball Team

First, we need an account to play, here you have my referral link so help me get some extra tokens: No Limit Fantasy Sports.

Once registered we select the sport in which we want to participate, in this case, we choose baseball.

Then we need to create a team, we do this in the tab "my teams > create team".

We choose the players for our team, we must keep in mind that we have a limited budget of $45,000 so we must think carefully about each selection.

Registering our team in contests

Once created our team, we can register it in competitions, free or paid, for this, we go to the tab "contests > lobby".

Once in answer we select the competition in which we want to participate and click "enter".

And now we have to wait for the beginning of the games and wait for our players to achieve good performance, in order to obtain our reward.

In addition to baseball, there are many other sports in which you can participate, most are closed waiting for a new start to the season, but you can always choose your team of cryptos and get rewards based on their performance against FIAT money.

All images belong to the No Limit Fantasy Sports website.