Here lies another week with few top stars making the first XI of players that gave their managers high points during the week 21 fixtures.

Martinez with 10points in week 21

Made 4 saves and Clean sheet thereby given 3points bonus as he helped Villa beat Southampton

Azpilicueta as joint highest with 15 points

Chelsea first victory, he scored and kept clean sheets for the Club and got the 3 points bonus

Alonso with 14points

Helped the team score and kept clean sheets as a defender

Lewis with 11points

Made an Assist for Wilson and also kept clean sheet earning 2points bonus

Cash with 9points

Clean sheets and 3 bonus earned him 9points

Salah with joint highest on 15points

Irrespective of the injury worries, Salah was able to recover from poor points delivery to managers as he scored twice, earn 3 points bonus to reward loyal managers.

Pereira with 13 points

Scored a goal and made an assist has his team played a 2-all draw.

Eze with 11 points

Eze scored Palace's only Goal with clean sheet and 3points bonus

Trossard with 19 points

Scored the lone goal as Brighton defeated Tottenham

Bamford as joint highest with 15points

scored a goal,. made an assist and got 3 points bonus as Leeds defeated Leicester

Wilson with 13points

scored both Goals to defeat Everton thereby earning 3 additional points

Surprisingly,. none of the players who made it last week is here again, it's a total different crop of players with that of the previous week.

It's da English Barclays premier league, the most competitive football league in the world

let's see if Salah can keep the spot next