League of legends - EU masters

Date: 5.05 / 21:00

Pick : LDLC @ 1.95 pinnacle

The courses on LDLC that I've been seenrecently are behaving quite strangely. Initially put in the role of a favorite, but now less considered by the general public. The courses have gone up a bit too much in my opinion. The initial offer was 1.6 and after a few hours the odds even reached the limit of 1.9 and now basically the odds of bookmakers are rated as 50/50. In fact, having such amounts of data and comparisons it's hard to argue here whether it's right or wrong. I only judge the game and rivals of both teams. And here, in my opinion, LDLC had a harder crossing. The LDLC has an easier task today in draft. Their main role today is to limit the very dangerous ADC carry, which inflicts almost 1/3 of the total damage in the Excel team, and recently the match with RGO showed that they can choose the right heroes. Excel actually won against Gamer Legion and YDN, who were put up before the tournament as one of the ones to fight but their matches against Excel were one-sided. The LDLC is in good gas has a lot more matches played and they certainly feel their power. One risk is that they play over-relaxed. Both teams have passe winners but LDLC should have a mental advantage here.