The Uefa Champions League will kick off later today and I am sure we will all be having a great time seeing our favorite club and players get back in action as they battle for the biggest challenge in Europe.

To make the fun great, I decided to create a league for Scorum users across the world. For now, it would just be a game of fun to show how much knowledge we have of the football world and rewards would be added as time goes on.

I just set up my team and you don't need any special skill to get your team up and running.

You will be given a hundred million dollars to get players, it doesn't require you to pay any fee for participating. Enough of the story, let get the league running and this is surely an opportunity to promote Scorum, let make the world know what's going on here on the platform.

A weekly report would be made about the league every Thursday, you really don't want to miss the fun.

Enter the code in the display picture to join the league.