We all know what’s VR… Virtual Reality is given more preference now as the world is developing and getting into the age of modern technology. Teaching also can be more effective with the help of VR in schools and colleges. Virtual gaming in India has gained quite popular with the introduction of Fantasy sports like Cricket, Football, basketball, etc. There are other games that are included in this genre like hockey, kabaddi, and poker but cricket and football are the games that are played on a huge platform on a daily basis. There are thousands of players joining these games every day to win cash prizes. Any game can be played on the internet. Fantasy sports is a leading gaming industry nowadays.

There is no such game that cannot be played online. The sports that you play on the ground and field is now available on Fantasy sports.

Fantasy sports is a sports genre that offers real cash prizes to the winners of the game. Yes, now that’s what I’m talking about!

Who is ready to win some money? The most craze in the market is on cricket and football right now. There is a lot of hype regarding the fantasy cricket apps and their cash winning features. Fantasy cricket is an online game where the users can choose their captains and select their own team to win the cash prize!

Some of the skills required for playing this game is background knowledge about cricket and the players. Do not feel disappointed, if you don’t have that information. These apps also post the upcoming match predictions about the pitch conditions, weather conditions, probable playing 11 and injury reports and other information regarding the timing. They also give live updates about the matches and live scores.

Fantasy cricket apps like Dream11, Kaptain11 is a huge success in India. They believe in catering to the needs of the audience and responding as fast they can, to their queries regarding anything like contests, tournaments, and games.

Some of the apps like Kaptain11 post the match previews, news updates, videos and match predictions to help their users to have a better chance of winning real money. These apps are available for kids, adults, and everyone. Anybody can download the app and start earning now!

These games are evolving fast according to user satisfaction. The game is for the audience and thus they play an important role in the making of the game. Their suggestions are noted and taken into consideration. The game is designed to give the users an exciting gaming experience and thrill of the sport that they choose.

Escape into the world of fantasy sports where you can be your favorite sports celebrity and play like him/her. These games give the audience a real-time gaming experience where everything is in their control and they are the Boss! They are the captain of the team and the only entity to possess power over everyone and they can choose who they want in their team.