Its feel like ages since the footballing season ended, but it is still July. Its a long way to go before our favorite English Premier League begins. But to keep yourself busy, Fantasy Premier League is live now. And with FPL live, the wait doesn't feel long. You can go here and sign-up for the new season:

As I write this, 132,936 players already signed up. I woke up to read about this and when I checked this morning, 2 hours after the launch, 41258 already signed up before me. There is not much to do before the EPL begins but you can play around with the team. For me, I will make it every night, and wake up unsatisfied on what you made and break it again. This is fun stuff to do.

And, if you would like to see your previous season achievements, you can get it from the team details. Here is mine:

And finally, like the last season, how many of you will be interested to participate in the private league??

 Here is the result from last season.