It was almost a year ago when Scorum was its infancy, I launched a private league dedicated to FPL. It was a great success with around 100 FPL managers taking part in it. Time goes fast, after a whole year, I am back again with yet another FPL private league. I will be naming it Scorum Premier League(SPL), unlike last time. But I am hoping to see many enthusiastic managers taking part in it again.

If you are new to the game, you can read a lot about it on my blog. But for a quick start, here is the portion of what I wrote last year:


I will be contributing 1000 SCR for the reward pool. I will post the final breakdown soon. I already have started getting support from a lovely community.



  1. Sign-up for an FPL team here:
  2. After finalizing the team, go to the league tab --> then to "Create and Join new leagues" --> Join league --> Join Private League and enter the league code as g5i593

Scorum Premier League(SPL) Rules:

  1. One team per Scorum user allowed in the league. 
  2. Comment your team name in the comment section of this post for valid entry. If you didn't comment, your team name, you won't be eligible for the PRIZE.
  3. JOIN the league before the start of GW 2.
  4. No multiple accounts and multiple teams in the league.