After missing updates for the past couple of weeks, I'm back with an update as we near fantasy football playoffs. We're headed into week 11 this Thursday, which means we're just three weeks away from the playoffs that start in week 14. The playoff picture is shaping up, but there are still games to be played and several teams currently outside of the playoffs still have a chance to work their way in.

Here's a recap of week 10, the current league standings, and tips for week 11 as you prepare your team to make a run towards the playoffs.

Week 10 Recap

Finally! A huge week from the Team @Mikey team, however, I didn't need it against Team Ike, who put up less than 50 points. I would've beaten any team in the league other than the fearsome Awesome Dawgs. Other teams with big wins included the very hot LA Mateos, Awesome Dawgs, Red Wings Grinders, Team Lemark, and a low-scoring victory for @Pete (Scorum Legends).

League Standings

With three weeks left before the playoffs, there are only a few teams that are completely out of the running for the playoffs. Team Eduardo, Jake's Juggernaut, Team Ike, TGH Gentulee, and Team Silwal are eliminated from contention.

We have a couple of close battles heating up as Team @Mikey and Team Dudmuffin (@swolesome) are trying to sneak into the playoffs. What a difference a few weeks make as Swolesome and I were both once comfortably in first place in our divisions and we looked like locks for the playoffs. The LA Mateos are a single victory away from locking up a playoff spot, so congratulations @mateonav53!

Remember, there is 105 SCR and upvotes up for grabs!

Tips for Week 11

  • Carefully monitor the waiver wire. Pickups now can be crucial for your success. Look for players with something to prove on teams that still have a chance at making the playoffs. 
  • KISS - Keep it simple, stupid. Don't second guess yourself when setting your roster for the week. The obvious choice is what you should go with. Still, keep your eyes open for news and notes on teams and players that impact your team. 
  • Players that looked dead for the season are all of a sudden breaking out. Dalvin Cook, LeSean McCoy, and even Nelson Agholor showed that they still have a lot of value going into the final weeks. 
  • My Detroit Lions are free-falling. I recommend staying away from their offense until they get things right. The offensive line is beaten up and it's impacting every position on offense, from quarterback Matthew Stafford to Kerryon Johnson and receivers Jones and Golladay. 
  • Look out for teams who are outside of the playoff picture who may begin to take the load off of their star players.