Let not talk about sportsmen today, rather ourselves and what and what has sporting or knowing about sport done to us.

From the very first time I heard about sporting and sportsmen, I thought it was only an activity carried out by gymnast, footballers, basketball players, Pole Vaulters, runners and many more sport related personalities and personnel, without even knowing that each day I perform a particular sport without even me being aware of.

Really, sporting as not been my kind of thing, running, skipping, playing football and so on is not something I do like that much, I prefer rather to watch people perform this sport, appreciate and celebrate them. But I have discovered since the last few days I tried focusing on some sporting activities, daily jogging, skipping and the rest, I have discovered that my body feels great unlike before.

I wouldn’t deny the fact that sporting is not such an easy exercise because even myself, I have been really inconsistent since the last few days I tried to make sporting exercises part of me because trying to start a sporting activity is usually most times frustrating and very tiring at first, nevertheless, it is really important to engage in sport and some sporting activities because it helps in mental and physical growth.

For me, I haven’t been that much into sporting, but from the little experience I have had with sporting, it really gives a better life, job opportunity, either to become a sportsman or a sport tutor or director. More likely having a fun filled life because sporting is usually fun, challenging and full or new things and records to break and to set.

It feels great to have a sporty life and I believe everyone should try it