Today starts the European Indoor Hockey Championship (this is the same as field hockey, but only in the hall, and teams play in five-by-five format). It will last only 3 days - from January 24 to January 26, 2020, so do not miss it!

One of the favorites of the tournament is the national team of Belarus. Why?

1.Over the past 8 Europe championships, the national team won medals 6 times!

2.Belarusians are bronze medalists in 2018 World Champions!

3.Belarusians have a very cool coach from the Netherlands - Herman Cruise.

Belarus national team players

Eight national teams will play in Minsk. First two groups of 4 teams, then semi-finals and finals.

The schedule of matches for your attention:

Members of the Belarus national team are not only strong at the site, but they are also stunningly beautiful. See:

Kristina Popkova

Daria Belousova

Svetlana Bogushevich

Nadezhda Silitskaya

Anastasia Syroezhko

Marina Nikitina

Kristina Mitskevich

Photos from open sources.