Ice skating or ice skating is skating on ice by people using skating shoes. A sharp steel knife is mounted on the bottom of the shoe. People can skate because of the friction between the skating knife and the surface of the ice warms the ice and melts it to create a slippery layer. Ice skating is done by people as recreation or winter sports. The word skate comes from Old German, schake which means dry bone.

In countries with very cold winters, lakes, ponds, canals, and sometimes rivers can freeze. The ice layer that forms on the water surface is thick enough to be used for skating. In the freezing winter in the Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Russia and Norway, people travel from one place to another by skating. In countries with warmer climates, people skate on ice skating rinks. Skating ability on ice is a basic skill for ice hockey, fast skating, beautiful skating, and ice dancing. Everything is a sport that competed in the Winter Olympics.


Wildebeest or horse bones tied under leather shoes are the first form of skating shoes.

Wildebeest or horse bones tied under leather shoes are the first form of skating shoes. People used skating shoes from bones to hunt in Finland and Scandinavia since 17 centuries ago. Animal leg bones are perforated, and tied with shoes wearing leather belts. Around the 14th century, the Dutch began to wear wooden skating shoes with iron base shoes. A stick is held by a person as a tool when skating. Around 1500, the Dutch began to install thin knives in skating shoes, and sticks were no longer needed.

In the 12th century, the Netherlands already had a complicated canal system. Canal workers wear skate shoes for commuting to work and while on duty. Some of them play skating to win money prizes. Canal workers in the Netherlands are most likely the first skating athletes.

Skating shoes with steel clamps were created E. V. Bushnell from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1848.

Skating shoes with steel clamps were created by E. V. Bushnell from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1848. People can freely circulate and jump during skating. Around 1865, American skating athlete Jackson Haines introduced a metal skating knife along with a sol and heel plate that could be screwed into boots. Haines adds a toe pick to skating shoes. After the toe pick on skating shoes, people can begin to do toe pick jumps.

Glaciarium in the UK is the first ice skating arena in the world to use ice-making machines. This arena opened January 7, 1876 by John Gamgee in a tent in a small building in Chelsea, London.


Not only exciting, it turns out ice skating also has good benefits for us. And here are some benefits that can be gained when playing ice skating, especially for children, including:

Train Body Balance

One thing that is certain from playing ice skating is to maintain the balance of the body while in the ice ring. So that this game will force you to maintain how to balance the body on a slippery ice surface. In other words, ice skating games are useful to train your body's balance.

Helping Motor Sensor Development

Especially for children, the benefits of ice skating will also help the development of motor sensors. This is because every movement he does to maintain balance while playing ice skating, will help increase motor sensors in his body. So that if a child is increasingly able to balance himself on the ice ring, then the development of motor sensors means getting better.

Train Foot Muscle Performance

Same thing when playing roller skates, playing ice skating will also help you train your leg muscles, starting from the heel, calf to thigh. This is because the foot is the final support when maintaining balance. So that it will encourage the leg muscles to work extra because you are trying not to fall. Therefore, the extra work done by the leg muscles will indirectly also train the performance of the leg muscles, starting from the heel, calf, to the thigh.

Body Slimming

As for that, especially for women, ice skating games can help slimming the body. Which, a study in Switzerland which states that a woman who regularly plays ice skating has a more direct body than women who have never played ice skating. This is because ice skating is a sport that is twice as good as fitness and aerobics. In addition, the correlation that might also occur is the area used to play ice skating is a cold area so it is possible to easily lose weight.

Video Source Youtube : Alina Zagitova (OAR) - Gold Medal | Women's Free Skating | PyeongChang 2018

Video Source Yotube
Such are some of the benefits of ice skating that can be obtained from this sport. One thing that needs to be considered before playing ice skating is to warm up beforehand so that the body is not too stiff when it is required to balance on a slippery surface like ice, especially the feet that become the final support.

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