Alina Zagitova's team won the Channel One Cup

The first ever Channel One Team Cup brought not only a lot of positive emotions, but also some questions. Unfortunately, it can be stated that the judges distorted a little. On Saturday they did not give points to Kondratyuk and other skaters of Medvedeva's team. They simply did not appreciate the great performance of many skaters. This led to the fact that Alina Zagitova's team confidently took the lead after the first day of the competition.

Second tournament day

Alina Zagitova is a fan of her team

The dance couples of Medvedeva's team began to recoup the gap. Stepanova and Bukin showed that at the moment they are superior to everything. That is, they are the undisputed leaders in pair skating.

But the first sensation of the second day fell on the performances of men. Mark Kondratyuk showed a phenomenal performance. The young skater turned out to be the best among all men. He even surpassed Kolyada. Although, both skaters were able to bring Medvedeva's team forward. Moreover, the gap turned out to be significant.

Amazing performance by Valieva

Kamila Valieva sets a new world record

The 14-year-old tennis player turned out to be a real discovery not only of the tournament, but of the entire season. She went out on the ice and started doing incredible things. She began her performance with a triple axel. Everyone was shocked. In the future, she also showed 2 quadruple sheepskin coats. For this performance, Kamila received a record number of points - 179.19. I want to note that this figure exceeds the world record of Trusova in a free program.

After Kamila, the representative of Medvedeva's team, Maya Khromykh, goes on the ice. It was a real disappointment. She went to the first quadruple, but it turned out just a double jump. The second quadruple ended with a fall. It was already the end. Yes, Medvedev supported the young skater, but everyone understood perfectly well that this was the finish line. You can't catch up with your rivals.

The star of Russian figure skating Anna Shcherbakova is on the ice. But she skated with a few blots. As a result, Anya lagged behind Camila by 10 points.

You yourself understand that the last speeches were useless. They can be considered indicative, no more. They could no longer influence the final result.

Despite the fact that, in fact, the fight stopped, the girls still tried to fight until the last second. Here another scandal also appeared. When Trusova's assessments were announced, the stands buzzed. It became obvious that the judges "stabbed" the next performance of the skater of the Medvedeva team. Yes, Sasha was able to bring 163.33 points into the piggy bank, but they no longer saved the team from defeat.

The last performance of the tournament turned out to be somewhat blurry. Usacheva brings the final 155.02 points to Zagitova's team. Yes, this is a victory. But a bitter residue remained from her.

Summary and analysis

Evgenia Medvedeva's team receives the Audience Award

Oddly enough, but this time the judges decided to give the victory to Zagitova's team. Yes exactly. They regularly and systematically underestimated the balls for the figure skaters of Evgenia. But the audience turned out to be higher than their opponents - the judges. They were able to adequately assess the performance of the team of Zhenya Medvedeva. It was this team that received the Audience Choice Award. It is a pity that the result of the tournament was a foregone conclusion even before it began. Scandals are inevitable. I will continue to follow the development of events.