Anna Shcherbakova - figure skater with iron willpower

Anna Shcherbakova is a real figure skating star of the new era. She overcomes all difficulties and blows of fate. Anya is a real fighter with strong willpower. The champion's inflexibility amazes and surprises, forcing her to respect the young athlete more strongly. What difficulties did Anna Shcherbakova face? How did she endure all the blows of fate? Who believed in her and helped? An amazing and poignant story of Anna Shcherbakova's overcoming.

Tutberidze admitted that the whole life of her outstanding student is a struggle with a difficult fate, overcoming all adversity and difficulties.

The first blow of fate that could put an end to the career of a skater

Already at the age of 13, Anna suffered a terrible blow. Before the start of the first international season, Anya breaks her leg. She fell unsuccessfully during training. Already at that age, she perfectly performed the crown quadruple jumps.

One and a half months in a cast became a real shock and hard labor. Anna had to fight not only with the injury, but also with herself personally. Her father, recalling those tragic days, tells how, after wearing plaster for 6 days, Anna's leg became unnatural. She was not going to the second. It was during this period that the 13-year-old girl needed the support of not only relatives and friends. She needed not to lose faith in a bright future. Self-hypnosis helped Anna not to give up. She told herself that the leg would recover, that there would be no painful limp, and that she could return to the rink.

The coaches, led by Eteri Tutberidze, supported Anya at all stages of her recovery. The champion recalls how she first came to training after long-term treatment. Having put on my skates, I went to the side. The coaches asked to wait for them. They will return and help Ana get out on the ice. But she thought: "I have already dressed and put on skates, is it worth waiting for someone if you can go out and go for a drive!" She took a step and ... everything swam, she began to sway from side to side. Here she felt that she was supported, she did not fall. It gave me strength.

The first figure skater of the Tutberidze team

After the departure of Trusova and Kostornaya, the burden of responsibility fell on the young figure skater. She understood that it was on her that all the hopes of the coach were pinned on her. She couldn't let them down. Unfortunately, the media underestimated Shcherbakova. Even after 2 won Russian Championships, she continued to remain in the shadow of her more stellar compatriots. Gradually, she began to get used to her new status: the first number of Tutberidze's team.

Anna ignored calls to film, she fought to win

Quarantine, the fight against coronavirus and pneumonia were a blow for the young athlete. Long days and months without training, complications caused by pneumonia knocked Anna down. At the Russian Championship, which took place in Chelyabinsk, it turned out to be very difficult for Anya. Everyone who saw Shcherbakova's preparations for the performance clutched at their hearts, drank heart drops and arrived in quiet shock. Before going out on the ice, she was given a sniff of ammonia, thereby bringing her to life. After a magnificent performance, Shcherbakova could hardly stay on her feet. HER was supported by coaches. She was breathing heavily and practically fainted.

The next day, Tutberidze insisted that Anya withdraw from the championship. But thanks to an iron will, she stopped all talk on this topic. She replied with a categorical refusal. Ultimately, she not only goes on the ice, but wins her third gold medal in the Russian Championship.

These were touching and very soulful moments. The fans began to respect and love the young figure skater even more.

In this form, she came to the World Championship. The fact that she won gold is considered natural. She walked to the title for a very long time, thorny droshky. She has earned not only the champion title, but also the admiration of fans, lovers of beautiful figure skating.

For me personally, Anya Shcherbakova is a real hero! She has earned not only the title of World Champion. I look forward to her new victories. I am sure that she will conquer all the peaks of figure skating. Including Olympic !!! I want to wish the girl only patience, health and fortitude !!!