Transgender people continue to attack the sports world. They penetrate not only all spheres of everyday life, but also sports life. After Laurel Hubbart of New Zealand competed in the Olympics, Transgender people are breaking into figure skating. ISU released a statement ahead of the 2022 Beijing Olympics. In particular, they stated. That these same Transgender people will be able to perform in figure skating and compete for medals.

The essence of the opinion of ISU functionaries

Former women will now be able to compete with men. Moreover, for a woman to switch to men's figure skating, it is enough to write and submit an application. In order for a former man to start competing against women, one must not only submit an application, but also fulfill a number of conditions.

1. The total testosterone level should not be higher than 5 nmol / l. But not only at the start of the competition, but for at least one year before the start of the 1st competition.

2. The same level must be maintained throughout the entire competition.

3. To return to the previous category, transgender people who are engaged in figure skating can return no earlier than 4 years after the first competition, where they took part in the new status.

The opinion of the President of the FFKKR Alexander Gorshkov

The head of the Figure Skating Federation said that the ISU's opinion is rather strange. It is hard to imagine how former men can perform together with women.

He understands that it is useless to challenge the ISU's decision. In this regard, the federation will monitor the development of the situation. At the same time, Gorshkov stated unequivocally that there would be no such thing in Russia. That is, there can be no talk of any performances by transgender people.

Zhulin's opinion

The famous coach pointed out that it is one thing for ex-women to want to wrestle with men. This is how you can still try to understand. But the performances of men with women - this is nonsense. He could not imagine a greater ugliness.

Transgender figure skating is a new, scary fashion that is killing a beautiful sport

Personally, I believe that if someone decided to change their gender, it is their personal grief. Let them change and live separately from normal people. Want to play sports and compete? So let them organize their own. Let the former men compete with the same as they are. The same goes for women. There is no need to confuse the righteous with the sinful.

In general, this is really horror. Came out "Katya" (former Kolya) and begins to perform with real girls, who even have a different physiology. I can't even imagine what figure skating will turn into if men are allowed to compete with women. Let them compete with each other and do not destroy the most beautiful sport!