Night Fishing With my Boy


Believe it or not, that was the only thing he caught the entire 4 hours we spent that night. The plan was to limit out and throw some fillets in the freezer, but didn't quite pan out how we had hoped. I almost told him to round up a good dozen of those but he was content with the one and had fun pretending to be its friend.

Really was a good sized bullfrog. He recalled me taking him and his older brother a few times giggin when they were kids. One time in particular, we rounded up about 4 dozen and had a massive frog leg cookout. They taste sooo good. If you've never eaten frog legs, you've never had real chicken.

I did catch quite a few that night, so I didn't understand how he was getting blanked. One was a beast, this one here. A six and half pound lunker that snuck out of the bushes and tried to take off with my lure. I was using a black with red speckled chigger craw. Definitely made my Labor Day awesome and I hope you all had one to remember too!